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Foolishly impractical, especially in the pursuit of ideals


Comical piece of writing that mocks the characteristics of a special literacy firm


Long narrative or narrative poem about the deed of a hero

Epic Hero

Brave and righteous main character who displays his heroism in a long, dangerous journey

Why does Cervantes write Don Quixote?

He writes to satirize or make fun of romances of chivalry characterized by supernatural deeds, implausible and complicated journey, duels, and enchantments of knights

What don Quixote Thinks

He becomes a chivalric knight to make his life more interesting and bearable. The humor lies in contrast between don quixotes ideal and the real world

Reality check

Don quixote is not really a knight but an impoverished landowner.
His ideals includes, love as service, loyalty to valor and generosity, seek out wrong and make right, help those in need, and to be full of valor in honor of his lady

Don Quixote

A wandering hero who became insane from reading to many books about chivalry (Literature corrupts)

Chapter One

How is don quixote pre-insanity, and how he becomes insane.
His transformation to becoming a knight and he named his faithful steed rocinante (horse). His princess is a country girl called Dulcinea.

Chapter Eight

Sancho Panza is the foil for DOn QUixote (his exact opposite, voice of reason)
The famous windmill scene ~ Don quixote rejects sancho panzas version of reality, Attempts to battle giants and fails, and then he believes freston turned them into windmills to protect him

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