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to go out with, to date

salir con

to go shopping

ir de compras

to have just finished doing something

acabar de

to help

ayudar a

to insist on

insistir en

to isolate oneself from

aislarse de

to keep in touch

mantenerse en contacto

to know how


to laugh about

reírse de

to learn to

aprender a

to leave alone

dejar en paz

to leave for

salir para

to leave from

salir de

to leave someone

dejar a alguien

to look at


to look for


to make an effort to

empeñarse en

to make an effort to

esforzarse por

to match with

hacer juego con

to move away from

alejarse de, marcharse de

to move homes

mudarse de casa

to notice, to pay attention to

fijarse en

to oppose

oponerse a

to pass through customs

pasar por la aduana

to pay in cash

pagar al contado, pagar en efectivo

to pay in installments

pagar a plazos

to play


to play cards

jugar las cartas

to play the role of

hacer el papel de

to put up with somebody

soportar a alguien

to quit smoking

dejar de fumar

to realize

darse cuenta de

to realize or assume someone is being referred to

darse por aludido/a

to regret

arrepentirse de

to remember

acordarse de

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