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20 terms

"Echar" y "Estar" Expressiones

echar la culpa
to blame
echar (una carta, una tarjeta)
to mail (a letter, a card)
echar de menos a alguien
to miss someone
echar(se) a perder
to spoil, to ruin, to lose its good taste
echarse a reir
to burst out laughing
estar a punto de
to be about to
estar al dia
to be up to date (current)
estar bien enterado
to be well-informed
estar de acuerdo
to agree unanimously
estar de buen/mal humor
to be in a good/bad mood
estar de moda
to be in style
estar de pie
to be standing
estar de vuelta
to be back
estar enamorado de
to be in love with
estar harto de
to be fed up with
estar muerto de hambre, cansancio, sueno
to be starving, dead tired, very sleepy
estar para + infinitive
to be about to, to be at the point of
(no) estar para bromas
to not be in the mood for jokes
estar por
to be in favor of
estar seguro
to be sure