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  1. echar(se) a perder
  2. echar de menos a alguien
  3. estar seguro
  4. echarse a reir
  5. estar de acuerdo
  1. a to miss someone
  2. b to agree unanimously
  3. c to be sure
  4. d to spoil, to ruin, to lose its good taste
  5. e to burst out laughing

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  1. to be about to
  2. to be in a good/bad mood
  3. to be in love with
  4. to be well-informed
  5. to mail (a letter, a card)

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  1. estar al diato be standing


  2. estar de modato be standing


  3. estar muerto de hambre, cansancio, suenoto be starving, dead tired, very sleepy


  4. estar de vueltato be back


  5. estar porto be in favor of