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To convert F to C

Subtract 32, then divide by 1.8

To convert C to F

Multiply by 1.8, then add 32

1 inch equals ___ cm


1 gram equals ___ gr


1 grain equals ___ mg


One quart equals how many pints, cups, oz, mL, L?

2 pints, 4 cups, 32 oz, 1000 mL, 1 L

A "medicine cup" usually holds what volume?

1 oz

One pint equals how many cups, oz, mL?

2 cups, 16 oz, 500 mL

1 fluid ounce equals how many drams, mL, Tbs?

8 drams, 30 mL, 2 Tbs

1 dram equals ___ minims


1 mL equals how many minims, drops (gtt)?

15 minims, 15 drops (gtt)

1 tsp equals how many mL, drops (gtt), drams?

5 mL, 60 drops (gtt), 1 dram

1 Tbs equals how many mL, tsp, drams, oz?

15 mL, 3 tsp, 4 drams, 1/2 oz

1 cup equals how many mL, oz, Tbs?

240 mL, 8 fluid ounces, 16 Tbs

1 teacup or glass is usually how many fluid ounces?

6 oz

1 gallon equals how many quarts, pints, liters?

4 quarts, 8 pints, 4 liters

1 kilogram equals how many pounds?

2.2 lbs.

How is 1/2 expressed in the apothecary system?


1 pound equals ___ ounces


1 gram equals ___ mg


1 gram equals ___ mcg


1 milligram equals ___ mcg


1 kilogram equals ___ g


1 liter equals ___ mL


1 meter equals ___ cm


1 centimeter equals ___ mm


What is the formula for calculating a dosage?

(D / H) x Q where...
D = dosage desired (what prescriber has ordered)
H = dosage strength available (what's on HAND)
Q = the quantity or the unit of measure that contains the dosage that is available (i.e. tablets, capsules, milliliters)
Remember that all should be in same units (i.e. mg, mcg)

Rounding rule for liquid med administration from a 3 mL syringe

NEVER round to a whole unit
If math calculation does not work out evenly to the tenths place, then carry division to the hundredths place (two decimal places) and round to the nearest tenth

Rounding rule for liquid med administration from a 1 mL (tuberculin) syringe

The 1 mL (tuberculin syringe) is calibrated in 0.01 mL increments
If the math calculation does not work out evenly to the hundredths place, then the division is carried to the thousandths place and rounded to the nearest hundredths place

Rounding rule for liquid med administration from a large syringe (5, 10, 12 mL)

Large syringes (5, 10, 12 mL) are calibrated in 0.2 mL increments. Dosages are also expressed to the nearest tenth
Dosages administered should be measured in milliliters, and the answers should be labeled accordingly

How is insulin measured and administered?

Insulin is measured and administered in units

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