Kinns chapter 15- CPT


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Category I Code (CPT)
Codes located in the tabular index, arranged by sections
6 sections of CPT
Evaluation, Anesthesia, Surgery, Radiology, Medicine & Pathology & Laboratory.
Category III Code (CPT)
CTP code that represents emerging technologies for which a CPT I code has yet to be established.
Evaluation and management section is what code range?!
99201-99499 — our of numerical order (first section of CPT manual)
Anesthesia section is what code range?!
Surgery section
Largest section of manual broken down by body systems
Radiology section is what code range?!
Pathology and Laboratory section is what code range?!
Medicine section is what code ranges?!
How do you code lacerations?!
Add up the lengths of the coordinating locations and code based on total length
If more than one area, add up separately and code for each area

ex: 6 2mm lacerations on face — code for 12mm total
Medical documentation for CPT coding
Encounter form
History and physical report (H&P)
Progress notes
Discharge summary
Operative report
Pathology report
Anesthesia record
Radiology report
What are the 4 primary classifications for main terms?
Organ/ anatomical site
Condition, illness, injury
What Information do you need to code for office visits?
Level of complexity of decision making
Level of history
Level of exam
Time spent with patient
Anesthesia formula
Base units+time units+modifying units (B+T+M) x conversion factor.
Anesthesia conversion factors?
Different depending on state and/or city
Anesthesia modifiers
P4 — patient with sever systemic disease that is a constant threat to life
Common modifiers
— 50 : bilateral procedure that is not indicated as bilateral from original code

— 26 : used when a physician performs a service based on their professional opinion
Coding for office visits and immunizations
Immunizations need code for vaccine — code for administration of vaccine
Medical decision making plan
CPT coding steps
Qualitative code
Drugs tests
Quantitative codes
Amount of drug or substance in a persons system
Durable medical codes in HCPCS
E0100 - E9999
Unbundled codes
List of separate codes
Cannot unbundle already bundled codes
Levels of closure — wounds
Levels of closure — fractures
Closed fracture
Open fracture
Closed treatment
Open treatment
Percutaneous skeletal fixation
Bundled codes
A grouping of several services that are directly related to a specific procedure and are paid as one