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Would an electric personal assistive mobility device be concidered a vehicle?-No it's not concidered a vehicleAn enforcement program designed at a particulary dangerous area based upon accident data or citizen complaints is known as-Selective enforcementA person failed to respond to traffic citations, what category could that person operating privilege be removed?-SuspendedAccording to section 3111- obedience to traffic control devices, what is not needed for enforcement of this section?-Proof of authorized placementWhat section of the motor vehicle code gives police officer's the authority to proceed past red lights, stop signs, and exceed the speen limits?-Section 3105The definition for careless driving according to section 3714-Any person who drives a vehicle in careless disregrd to the safety of persons or property.The definition for a pedestrian is-A natural person a footThe definition for a roadway is-That portion of a highway improved designed or ordinarily used for vehicular travel, exclusive of sidewalk, berm or shoulder.Section 1547 of the motor vehicle code "Chemical testing to determine amount of alcohol or controlled substance" is also known as?-Implied consentWhat type of signs have the color red in it?-Stop -Yield -Wrong way -Do not enterWhat are the defined "Districts" from the motor vehicle code?-Residence -Urban -Business -AKA RUBFill in the blank: The function of ______ ______ in the highway transportation system is to obtain compliance to traffic regulations through programs of the traffic safety education and driver training.-Law EnforcementAccording to the motor vehicle code, what authorities do the police have in the enforcement of it?-Stop vehicles -Ascertain identity or ownership -Inspect vehicle equipment -weigh or measure vehicles -access or check recordsFill in the blank:Violations of section 3101 of the motor vehicle code refer to the operation of vehicles on ________-HighwaysFill in the blank: Section 3736, reckless driving is defined as a person who drives any vehicle in willfull or wanton_________ for the safety or persons?-DisregardFill in the blank: The duty to comply with a lawful order or direction, duty to stop and duty to indentify oneself are all rules of a_______ in the ______-Citizen -Highway transportation systemSections 1312 and 1515 both state that any person has how many days to notify the department of any change of name or address?-15 daysSection 1786 states that no person shall operate a vehicle upon a highway without proof of what?-Financial responsibilityBefore enforcing the fines as stated from section 3326- Duty of driver in construction and maintence areas the officer has to be sure of what three things?-Crews are on site engaged in work -Violation applies to section 3326 -Construction is set up per departmental regulationsDoes the motor vehicle code specify who has the "Right of way"?-No it does not specify or has the right of way.According to section 1547 of the motor vehicle code, what must a police officer advise a person of after arresting them for an D.U.I(3802)?-They have the right of refusal -If they do refuse their license will be suspended for 12months.A resident is defined by the motor vehicle code as a person who has lived in the commonwealth of P.A for how many consectutive days?-60 consecutive daysFill in the blank:Police officers have a duty as public officials to make immediate notifications of hazardous highway conditions in the interest of______ and liability _______-Public safety -PreventionAs per section 102 of the motor vehicle code define "State"- A state or territory or posession of the United States, The District of Columbia, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or province of CanadaWhat are the requirements of section 3307 "No passing zones" as far as the posting of the is concerned?-They need to be posted at the beginning and the endFil l in the blank: All vehicles that travel at a speed of _______ or less shall display a refelctive slow moving emble on the rear as stated in section 4529 of the M.V.C-25 M.P.HWhat is the feet requirement for a driver who is approaching an oncoming vehicle with regards to having to dim their high beams as stated in section 4306?-500ft section 4306To be convicted of an offense under section 3545 "Pedestrians soliciting rides or business, a person can't be where?-Stand on a roadway -Stand in proximity to a highwayIf you as the owner of a vehicle stay outside of the Comm. of PA. for 30 days or longer and your inspection expires when you come back to PA how long do you have to get your vehicle inspected?-10 daysWhat is the are requirement for wearing a helmet on a pedalcycle take effect?-Under 12 yearsAccording to title 75, what does chapter 19 deal with?-FeesWho are the only authorized persons who can remove inspection stickers as stated in section 4729?-Police officers -Salvor -Person repairing windshieldWhat is the testing accuracy requirements in days according to section 3368 "Speed timing devices"?-60 DaysThe motor vehicle code is also called title-Title 75 -75 PA C.SWhat are the age requirements to qualify for a classic motor vehicle in years?-15 yearsWhat are the age requirements to qualify for an antique motor vehicle in years?-25 yearsWhen a person purchase a vehicle, how many days do they have to get the vehicle inspected?-10 daysSection 1338 states that operation of a vehicle with a disability plate or placard cannot use the special privileges granted to the plate unless-The vehicle is being used for the benefit of the disabled personWhere does a Tow truck have to display their company business name at on their vehicle?-On both sides of the truckWhat is the fine overtaking a school bus according to section 3345-A of the motor vehicle code? And if convicted of the offense how many points will be assesed to their license?-A summary offense of $250 -5 pointsThe default fine for offenses in the M.V.C is how muach unless specified?-A default fine of $25According to section 3362 " Maximum speed limits" what are the posting requiremets for restricted speed zones?-The beginning and the end and at intervals not greater than one half mile.What does section 3310 of the motor vehicle code say about the distance a vehicle must follow another vehicle?-Reasonable and prudent -Having due regard for the speed of vehicles -Traffic upon and the conditions of highwayFill in the blank: The sudden emergency doctrine excuses a person from any and all steps taken to avoid or lessen situations in which they are confronted with an_______-Actual emergencyYou cannot use a speed timing device within how many feet after a increased speed limit sign? Section 3368-E-500 ftChapter 37 of the M.V.C "Serious traffic offenses" Section 3733 states that fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer is graded a-MisdemeanorA person is traveling at a speed less than 35 MPH how many feet must they display a turn signal according to section 3334 "Turning movements and reuired signals"?-100ft Section 3334What section of the motor vehicle code explains that insurance is required for all vehicles?-1786 Financial responsibilityAccording to section 3325 duty of driver on apporach of emergency vehilce, where should a driver pull to?-The right hand edge of the roadwaySection 1301 registration required, states that the fine will be DOUBLED after the regisetration has been expired for how many days?-Expired for 60 daysSection 1311 registration card to be signed and exibited on demand states that a person has how many days to produce a valid registration card to avoid being convicted of offense.-5 days to produce a valid registration cardSection 1111 A, Duty of transferor relates to how a person can posses a title to a car in someone else's name. For this to happen what 2 things must take place?-Signature must appear on the title -Needs to be notarizedFill in the blank: To be considered an obsecure plate section 1332 states that a plate has to be so _____ as to prevent the _______ _____ ______ ______ of letters or otherwise illegible at a reasonable distance or is obscured_______-Dirty -The reading of the number of letters -In ANY matterSection 1340 staes "Ocassional transporation" is defined as no more than how many days?-One day per weekSection 1342 states that a disabled veterans plate can only be placed on a vehicle of not more than how many pounds?-14,000 poundsFill in the blank: Section 1501 tells us that a person who is caught and convicted of driving with an expired license will pay a fine of $200. But if the expired license is expired________the fine will be______-Less than 1 year -$25According to section 1503, a licensed junior driver may not operate a vehicle upon a public highway between which hours unless accompanied by a spouse 18 years of age or older or a parent?-11:00pm- 5:00amIn regards to classes of licenses section 1504 states that the holder of a class C license can operate a vehicle of not more than how many pounds?-26,000 lbsWhat type of drivers are required to carry a certificate of physical and vision examination?-School bus driver section 1509When you change your name or address according to section 1515 you have how many days to notify the departent of such change?-15 days to notify the departmentFill in the blank: According to section 1542 an habitual offender is subject to have their license______ pursuant to the provisions of this section-RevokedThe purpose of section 1554-probationary license is to allow who to driver oon a limited basis?-Habitual offendersChapter 16 of the motor vehicle code deals with-Commercial drivers licensesChapter 19 of the motor vehicle code deals with-FeesFill in the blank: Section 3105 of the M.V.C states that drivers of emergecy vehicles may proceed past a red light or stop sign, exceed the maximum speed limits and_________ irrespective of provisions of this part.-Park or StandAccording to section 4909 transporting foodstuffs in vehicles used to transport waste, who can charged with violating this section?-The driver of the vehicle who transports the food product -The person who provides the vehicle (Owner) knowing it will be used to transport food -The person who accepts the food productThe definition for stand or standing is-When prohibited mean the halting of a vehicle whether occupied or not except momentarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in receiving or discharging passengers.Section 6309 impoundment for non payment of fines vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 17,000 lbs can be impounded for fines in excess of how much?-$250A motorized pedalcycle cannot exceed 25 MPH and therefore cannot enter onto a what?-Limited acccess highwayAccording to section 102, where would an alley be located?-In urban districtsFill in the blank: With regards to section 6502 offenses in the MV.C are a summary offense but they can be graded a_________ or a __________ the fines by default are_____-Misdemeanor -Felony -$25A pedalcycle is propelled-Soley by human powered pedalsFill in the blank: Section 6505 inability to pay fines and costs. A person can be imprisoned for a number of days equal to ________ of the unpaid balance of the fines and costs- 1 day - $45The definition for an abandoned vehicle- Is physically inoperable and left on the highway or other public property for more than 48 hours -Remain ilegally on highway or other public property for more than 48 hours or is left unattended on or along the highway for more than 48 without the following -Valid Registration, Plate and inspection sticker.According to section 7702 of the M.V.C who is responsible for the registration of snowbiles and ATV's--The department of conservation and natural resourcesThe definition for gross weight-The combined weight of a vehilce or combination of vehicles and its load excuding the drivers weightIf you are not able to give a citation to someone at the time of a car stop, how would you go about making sure that the person received their citation?- You check the file block on the citation and send it through the mailA police has three ways to bring criminal proceeding against a person, what are they?-Physically arresting a person -The filing of a complaintant (Criminal) -Issuing someone a traffic citationHow would you go about fixing a citation (ticket) if you noticed a mistake on it after you gave it to someone and let them go?-File a corrected citation and void out the first citation and deliver both to a miagistrate and notify the defendant of the new filing.What is the definition for an articulated bus?-A bus designed to transport passengers consisting of two or more units or sections permanently assembled in tandem by flexible connections which permit passenger movement throughout the lenght of the busWrecker is also known as a-Tow truckOn deciding whether or not to issue someone a citation (Ticket) an officer is allowed to use their-Discretion, which is the ability to chose between alternatives. -No discretion during live stops after gettng confirmation from police radioThe combined weight of a vehicle or combination vehicles and its load expluding the drivers weight is the definition for-Gross weightWhat class license holder can operate a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating 26,001 lbs or more and tow a vehicle of no more than 10,00lbs?-Class B licenseThe purpose of a probationary license is-To allow habitual offenders to drive on a limited basisSection 4308 states that every school bus shall display what during the entire period that the school bus is in operation?-Lighted head lampsMaximum speed limits section 3362 states that the maximum lmits are as follows-35 in any urban district -25 in residence -65 where signs are posted for it -55 in all other locations3112 traffic control signals states that a person may turn right on a steady red signal only after-hauling stopped and yielding the right of way for pedestriansTo be charged with homicide by vehicle "3732" a person had to act-Recklessly and with gross negligence to cause death of another person3310 following too closely states that the driver of a vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than-Reasonable and prudent section 3310Fill in the blank: 3325 Duty of driver on approach on emergency vehicle states that every other driver shall yield the rigth of way and shall immdeiatley drive to a position paralell to and as close as possible to the _______ of the roadway-Right hand edgeFill in the blank: 3361 driving a vehicle at safe speed states that no person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is _____ ______ having regards to the actual and potential hazards then existing.- Reasonable and prudent section 3361The driver of any vehicle other than one on offical business shall not follow any fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire alarm closer than how many feet, Section 3707-500 ft section 3707Section 4309 states that what shall be lighted on every vehicle driving through a signed work zone.-Head lamps section 4309Section 6506 surcharge states that the surcharge for meeting and overtaking a school bus upon conviction will be how much?-$75 upon convictionAccording to section 6106 of the motor vehicle code, who has the authority to designate emergency vehicles?PA State PoliceCombinationTwo or more vehicles physically interconnected in tandem.