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TE2 stages of rehab

pre surgical phase
patient eval, pt education (timeline, exercises, safety, transfers), general strength and ROM to be optimized
stage 1 acute stage
timeline: time of injury to about 3 days important stage of healing focus is to control affects of inflammation and maintain function in unaffected areas *early movement worth the risk
acute stage (s&s)
how the pt presents - redness, edema, warmth, pain and loss of function -
surgery, surgeon, how fast the pt heals
stage 2 repair stage
crtical stage for PT. timeline : 10 days to 3 weeks post injury
focus is to initiate exercises and activities w respect to healing processes that the injured tissues are undergoing
stage 2 (repair S&S)
reduce inflammation and increase collagen production
stage 2 goals
50% strength and ROM
stage 3 (remodeling stage)
timeline this phase can last year or longer
depend on tissues injured and proceudres performed
primary focus - design a program that safely stresses the tissue in both flexibility and strength so that the pt may return to occupational or sports activities
stage 3 (s&s)
maturation of scar, increase tensile strength and flexibility *there is NO inflammation left at this point
goal of stage 3
90% return
fine tuning
return to ADL occupation or sports, skill and compex drills