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Blood Comp

RBC's(45%), Buffy coat(WBC,Platelets,1%), Plasma(55%)


carries oxygen



Hypoxia, High altitudes

kidneys release of hormone erythropoieten

Factors for Production of RBC

Fe,Folic acid, Vitamin b12

Breakdown of Hemaglobin

Heme>iron,Globin>amino acids


monocytes(macrophages) & lymphocytes(T-cells,B-cells)


neutrophils(first 1 on site of infection), eosinophils(allergic reaction,parasites), basophils(histamine,heparin)

B12 Anemia

pernicious anemia


When WBC squeeze through the capillary walls

WBC count

Less> Leukopenia

Protiens in Plasma

Globular>(gamma>antibodies, alpha&beta>transport)
Albumins>helps control BV,osmotic pressure
Fibrinogen>blood coagulation

_______is a nonprotien nitrogenous substance that derives from nulciec acid's catabolism

uric acid

catabolism of protiens


locally acting horomone that begins homeostasis


In presence of Prothrombian activator Prothrombain is coverted to


Which protien is needed for insoluble clot


Universal donor

A person with blood type O-. Because this person's red blood cells possess none of the typical blood suface proteins, they cannot initiate an immune reaction in a recipient.

Universal Recepient

Blood type AB +

Blood typing

anitgens on surface, anitbodies in plasma, RH factor

Low RBC,WBC,Thrombocytes



blood poisoning,presence of infective agents or their toxins in the blood stream

Herditary hemolitic anemia

Tolocemia (meditereanean region)

Layers of the heart

epicardium, myocardium, endocardium


Thick middle muscle layer of the heart; pumps blood through the circulatory system.

Which valve is between the right atrium and right ventricle


exiting valve right ventricle


exiting vessel of right ventricle

pumlonary trunk

valve between left atrium and left ventricle


exiting valve for left ventricle

aortic valve

exiting vessel of left ventricle


Chortaid tendenae

attached to papillary muscles

After blood crosses mitral valve

left ventricle

coronary vessels are topping off(branches)


Which action from the heart is responsibles for systamic and systolic pressure

Left ventricle pushes

Right coronary artery(RAC)

posterior interventricular,Marginal

Left coronary artery(LAC)

anterior interventricular,Circumflex


AV valves closing 1st sound


semilunar valves closing 2nd sound

SA nodes

fires first(natural pacemaker)

AV nodes

in septum 2nd

bundle of HIS

Or AV bundle 3rd

Bundle branches


EKG reading

first line>Pwave(atrial deplorization),first dip>QRSwave(ventricular)delporization/contraction),last part>Twave (relaxtion)

QRS complex

The QRS complex represents the electrical activity associated with the contraction of the ventricles, or ventricular depolarization and consists of the Q wave, the R wave and the S wave

Right atrium

all major blood vessels are from


flow blood to body


flows blood back to the heart


For gas exchange

Calculate the Cardiac output

SV(amount of blood pushed every beat),
HR(heart rate)

Factors that affect Heart blood pressure

pressure,heparin>decreases viscosity of blood,blood thinner
dilating periphral viscular vascular is going to decrease blood pressure
Speeding up HR>increase blood pressure, Lowering the Venus return>decrease blood pressure

Cardiac control center

Medulla oblongata

Vagus (X nerve)

parasympathetic impulses to heart

Cardiac myopetia

cardiac failure>polar edema,pulomonary edemia,reduces flow to the kidney(hypertrophic)

Stucture of blood vessels

endothelium,Tunica interna,tunica media,tunica externa

Compression of the heart

fluid in the pericardial cavity(congestive heart failure)

Kidneys + BF

decrease-Renin-Angiotensiongen-Angoi I-Angoi II(bad guy)>2 mechanisms(vasospasm, increase aldosterone(Na+/H2O)/adrenal BP)

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