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Infection control in the nursing home is important because the elderly

are more susceptible to disease

Watching TV news or reading the newspaper often helps the resident

remain oriented

When caring for a person who needs to wear glasses, you should

make sure the glasses are clean

Proper body mechanics means

standing straight with your knees bent and lifting with your legs

False teeth (dentures) should be cleaned at least

twice a day

The rigidity of Parkinson's disease makes the resident more prone to


An early sign of mental breakdown (psychosis) would be


The foods or fluids that would most likely cause a resident with a CVA (stroke) to choke are

very thin fluids

When communicating with a resident with a hearing aid, you should

face the resident so they can see you speak

When a resident is receiving nasogastric (NG) tube feeding, what should the nursing assistant do?

report any signs of choking or vomiting immediately

You are delegated to provide passive R.O.M. to left lower and upper extremities. This means you:

support each joint and provide extension and flexion movements on the left side of the body

CPR means

cardiopulmonary resuscitation

One long-term complication for the resident with diabetes is:

poor circulation in the feet

Which of the following temperatures would you report immediately?

a rectal temperature of 102.8 F

Everything in an isolation unit is considered to be:


When washing hands you should wash them until they:

are cleaned thoroughly

All behavior has meaning to the:

person performing the behavior

ROM exercises will help prevent:


Genital areas should be washed:

from the cleanest to the dirtiest

When you are giving hair care you should particularly observe for the following:

lice, nits, and sores

The skin is:

disinfected before surgery to prevent infection

Healthy adults:

have approximately the same I&0

When measuring the respirations of a resident you find that they are breathing times a minute. This rate is

higher than average

Which of the following measurements obtained from Mrs. Shumway should be reported immediately to the charge nurse?

B/P 190/114

If a resident is incontinent of urine, you should chart each time the resident:

wets the bed

If a home care resident burns his hand, you should:

apply cool water

Moral principles or standards that guide our behavior are


A symptom of Alzheimer's disease is

memory loss

When calculating the weight of a resident in a wheelchair, the scale reads and the weight of the wheelchair is The resident's weight is


Osteoporosis is

porous and brittle bones

Another name for a transfer belt is

gait belt

Messages sent through facial expression, gestures, postures and body movements are

body language

The resident has an abductor wedge in place. This device

moves the legs away from the midline

An observation of what you actually see, hear, smell, or feel regarding a resident is called


Holistic care is caring for the resident spiritually, emotionally and


When feeding a resident you should be

at eye level

Abdominal thrusts should be given to a resident who

is choking with no visible air exchange

Elastic stockings are worn to

prevent blood clots

If a resident becomes combative during care, you should

make sure the resident is safe and try again later

An example of resident centered care is staff

allowing residents' choice of wake time

To support residents through the death and dying process, you should

listen to their beliefs about death

Waterless handsoap/gel is

used when soap and water are not available

When removing contaminated gloves, the nursing assistant should

grasp the cuff of one glove on the outside with fingers of the other gloved hand

The best way to help a resident who has experienced a loss of taste would be to

encourage good oral hygiene

To measure the height of a resident who must remain in bed you would

place the resident in a supine position and measure her from head to foot

A visual change that most likely accompanies aging is

decreased sharpness of vision

When caring for the elderly, a nursing assistant should

let the resident perform as much personal care as possible

To assist residents to eat the nursing assistant should

offer liquids frequently to moisten the food

You can assist the family to adjust when they place their loved one in a nursing home by

including the family in the care planning of their loved one

Clean bed linen placed in a resident's unit but not used should be

put in the dirty linen container

When the goal is to maintain confidentiality, the nursing assistant may discuss personal information about the resident with

the nursing assistant providing direct care who has a need to know

Residents would most likely become short of breath quickly due to

increasing rigidity in the lungs

Appropriate care after death includes

provide privacy during post mortem care

The position of the hands when performing the abdominal thrust should be

on the middle of the abdomen above the navel

To assist a resident with a paralyzed arm put on a front buttoning shirt, the nursing assistant should

put the shirt on the weak arm first

Warm applications may be ordered to

relieve muscle spasms

Mr. Dobb had a recent stroke and has some difficulty chewing his food. The doctor ordered a therapeutic diet to fit his needs. The best diet for him would be a

mechanical soft diet

You just finished bathing a resident and have disinfected the tub. You should put the disinfectant

in a locked cupboard

Maintaining a clean health care facility is the responsibility of

the health care team

Annabelle has a hearing aid in her ear. Before you wash and style her hair you should

remove her hearing aid

A law passed to set many standards for the health care industry including certification for nursing assistants is the

Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA)

You may use your initials on a flow sheet as long as you have entered at least once your

first initial, last name, and job title

Errors in communication can be reduced by

confirming the message was received and understood

The main purpose of bowel and bladder programs is to

save the resident's dignity

You approach Mr. Peter's room. He is sitting in his chair holding his abdomen with a grimacing look on his face. He appears to be in discomfort but when you ask him he denies having pain. You should

show Mr. Peters the pain scale chart and ask him to rate his discomfort

What is the proper procedure for correction of a documentation error

cross out the error with one line, initial next to it and continue your documentation

During a grand mal seizure

the entire body is involved

To serve a resident solid foods you should use a


Mr. Yazzy is on I & O. You know he has kidney stones. When urinating he needs to use

a urine filter

When lying in a prone position a resident would be on her


One of the main causes of constipation in the elderly is

immobility and medications

Explaining the care that you give and providing the opportunity for choices is showing

emotional support

Residents residing in long term care facilities are at risk for infections because

they usually have chronic health problems

You can best assist a resident during bladder retraining by

keeping track of incontinence

In osteoporosis

the bones fracture easily

Whenever you feel stressed or angry the best way to deal with your feelings is to

try to understand why you feel the way you do

The most valuable tool we have to work with when giving care is the

care plan

All members of the interdisciplinary health care team need to

work in harmony

The environment that works best for residents with Alzheimer's disease who are confused is

a closed unit with a consistent routine

When helping a resident get dressed, the nursing assistant should

encourage the resident to choose the clothing they wear

When caring for a vision-impaired resident you should

keep the resident's glasses clean

An adjustable table that provides a place to serve meals or to hold equipment during care is called a (an)

overbed table

Continual oozing or diarrhea may be a symptom of:


Standard precautions are based on the simple principle that all residents

have potential for spreading infection

The act that regulates training and certification of Certified Nursing Assistants is guided by legislation known as:


Standard (universal) precautions:

prevent the spread of pathogens through the air; are used for all patients and residents; require gowns, masks, and gloves

Which of the following is recorded as the systolic blood pressure? The point:

where the first sound is heard

TED hose (anti-embolism) are applied:

before the resident gets out of bed

For residents who are dehydrated and unable to drink water by themselves, nursing assistants should offer a drink:

every time they are with the resident

A Sitz bath is helpful:

after rectal surgery

When transferring Mrs. Sparks onto the toilet:

use a gait belt to stand her

You are assigned to give Mr. Brown a partial bath. You know that this means to wash:

face, hands, underarms, back and perineum.

If a person is visually impaired, you would:

identify yourself whenever you enter the room

How often should mouth care be done for an unconscious resident?

as frequently as needed, at least Q2h

You are asked to assist the nurse in changing a dressing on a resident with a bedsore that has a large amount of yellow drainage. You should remember

to wear gloves and put the dirty dressing in a biohazard bag

Which resident is most likely to develop a pressure sore?

an underweight resident who is incontinent and has left-sided paralysis

An elderly resident has a high risk for a fracture of the


The purpose of proper perineal care is to promote


The Ombudsman's role is to

be an advocate for the residents

A 200 ml cup is /4 full. A 120 ml glass is 1/4 full. Calculate the intake.

140 ml

A nursing assistant tells a resident, "I am not going to take you to the bathroom if you are not quiet." This is an example of

psychological abuse

When calculating the weight of a resident in a wheelchair, the scale reads 199 and the weight of the wheelchair is 42. The resident's weight is


The nursing assistant contributes to the MDS by

reporting changes that may trigger a needed MDS

Ms. Hampton is receiving hospice care. The nursing assistant knows this means

she is not expected to live beyond six months

A nursing assistant may share confidential resident information with

other members of the care team

A resident is recovering from a broken leg and has a cast. The nursing assistant should

check the color of the toes and report any changes

Foods high in vitamin C are

citrus fruits and tomatoes

Sexual needs of older adults are

normal after 75 years of age

In order to keep residents safe during a bath you should

check water temperature

When washing hands, the fingertips should be pointed


The description of the resident's antique diamond ring on the personal belonging sheet should state

gold colored band with clear stone

You are preparing to transfer your resident to the physical therapy department for a routine appointment. The resident states, "I am too tired to go there today." The nursing assistant should tell the

nurse of the resident's refusal

A resident has been sick. She asks you what is wrong with her. You have overheard the doctor telling the nurse the resident has cancer. You should tell her

you will ask the nurse to speak with her

Elastic stockings are worn to

prevent blood clots

In caring for a blind resident, the nursing assistant should

address the resident by name

The word that means free from disease or infection is


A state of mind or your feelings toward yourself and others would be called your


Changes in the aging urinary system include

difficulty in emptying the bladder

Clean bed linen placed in a resident's unit but not used should be

put in the dirty linen container

To assist a resident with a paralyzed arm put on a front buttoning shirt, the nursing assistant should

put the shirt on the weak arm first

Personal protective equipment includes

gloves, gown, and mask

Mrs. Henry frequently misplaces her eyeglasses. Today she is wearing different glasses, obviously not her own. On other occasions she has wandered into neighboring rooms and taken eyeglasses from the dresser. The nursing assistant should first

locate her glasses and return the other pair to the rightful owner

When Mr. Sullivan is feeling hopeless a useful approach is to

ask if he would like to talk about his feelings

Normal signs of the aging process include

wrinkles, loss of hair color, and dry skin

If you do not know how to complete an assigned task, you should

ask for training before you complete the task

Mr. Curtain is blind and is capable of pouring his own water at his bedside. The appropriate way to approach this is to

encourage him to fill his own water glass

You answer Mrs. Sapp's call light. Her voice has a high pitch and she is speaking very rapidly. She tells you her mouth is dry, she feels sick to her stomach and could have diarrhea. She reports she hasn't slept since her husband died a week ago and she is very distracted. You realize that she is experiencing


You are feeding a resident who chokes on food and is coughing strongly. You should

wait and allow them to cough

A contracture is

lack of joint mobility caused by muscle shortening

A resident has a reddened area on his sacrum. The most important reason for observation and reporting is to ensure

continuity of care for facility residents

A co-worker constantly shows up late and calls in sick. When she is at work she does more talking than care taking. You should first

ask for a private conversation and discuss the matter with her

Mr. Andrews has dementia. He is grunting and groaning. He is also bent over and holding his abdomen. You know these behaviors are

signs of pain

Miss Stevens is sitting in her bedside chair for lunch. After preparing her for lunch, you need to

give her the call light

Mrs. Diamond's coffee cup holds 250 ml. She did not drink all the coffee. You measure that 75 ml of coffee remained in the cup. You should record her fluid intake as

175 ml

You are assigned to a forty-five year old dying cancer resident, who has requested comfort care only. What would be included in the resident's care

bathing, backrub, mouth care

When approaching vision-impaired residents you should first

address them by name and use a light touch

Noting the resident's ability to move joints is an observation of which one of the following systems


You walk into the activity room and see Mrs. Johnson having a seizure. You should

move the furniture out of the way

The nursing assistant always works under the supervision of a (an)


To serve a resident solid foods you should use a


You have been assigned to assist Mrs. Jones, a 50 year old post-mastectomy resident, with PM care. She states, "They found cancer in my lymph nodes... that means I won't be around much longer... right?" An appropriate response for a nursing assistant to make to Mrs. Jones is to say,

"I think your question is a good one... let me get the nurse to speak with you."

One guideline for communicating with a resident with aphasia is to

allow time for them to respond

You are taking care of a resident who has a written DNR order. This means they are not to be


To assure that a chair does not move while transferring a resident you should position the chair

against a wall

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