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  1. Extradition
  2. Administrative Regulation
  3. Concurring Opinion
  4. Complaint
  5. Public Law
  1. a constitutional, administrative, criminal
  2. b justices agree, but for different reasons
  3. c created by administration agencies such as SEC, EPA in order to make rules
  4. d state/controversy asks for defendant to be transported back for trial
  5. e document that initiates lawsuit

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  1. very broad, often abused
  2. only use judicial review in unusual cases, change comes from legislation, look at intent of founding fathers, strong belief of precedent, belief in state's rights
  3. use of documents during trial (written questions)
  4. only court that hears evidence, determines law to be applied, small claims court for minor financial issues
  5. oral questions asked by lawyer to defendant; phrase questions to attack credibility at trial

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  1. Legal Sanction Enforcement and Penaltiesno dispute, ask court to decide after complaint and answer


  2. Unanimous for Jurors?would it be fair to require defendant to defend in this specific court


  3. Supreme Court (State)have to file a Write of Certiorari, not entitled to second review, few cases are accepted


  4. Breach of Contractwould it be fair to require defendant to defend in this specific court


  5. Law as Powerunder color of authority