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  1. Appellee
  2. Challenge for Cause
  3. Personnel
  4. Motion for Judgment on Pleadings
  5. Jurors
  1. a hear evidence and make factual determination
  2. b documentation to judge that juror is biased
  3. c no dispute, ask court to decide after complaint and answer
  4. d Judge, Justice, Magistrate
    Juror, Lawyers
  5. e asked to sustain lawsuit of trial court

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  1. response to complaint
  2. under color of authority
  3. would it be fair to require defendant to defend in this specific court
  4. usually between two individuals, monetary compensation
  5. power of courts to review action of legislative and executive branch and declare them to be unconstitutional (created in Marbury v. Madison)

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  1. Unanimous for Jurors?compensatory: make plain of whole


  2. Legal PositivismLaw is what the Law says, no questions


  3. Common and Civil Lawhuman rights regardless of what the law says


  4. Appellantperson being charged


  5. Tortsunfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm