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  1. Dissentting Opinion
  2. Appellant
  3. Precedents
  4. Concepts of Jurisprudence
  5. Peremptory Challenge
  1. a justices say why they voted so
  2. b Law as Power, Legal Positivism, Legal Realism, Natural Law
  3. c ask judge for removal, limited number
  4. d standard when judge is faced with similar case and should look at standard
  5. e initiates lawsuit

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  1. tried whenever crime is committed
  2. law that determines rights and duties of individuals
  3. serve notice to out of state defendant
  4. use of documents during trial (written questions)
  5. set of rules, created and enforced by gov

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  1. Violations of Statutes and Regulationsfines, damages, jail time


  2. Legislationlaw passed by elected officials


  3. Writ of Certioraridecision by the Supreme Court to hear an appeal from a lower court


  4. Appellate Court (Federal)13 Court of Appeals, parties entitled to review, simple majority rules


  5. Purposeno surprises, both sides know case


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