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  1. Torts
  2. Standing to Sue
  3. Answer/Counterclaim
  4. Jurisprudence
  5. Breach of Contract
  1. a philosophy of law
  2. b answer to complaint
  3. c personal stake in case
  4. d unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm
  5. e monetary damages

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  1. in civil case, it is less than that of a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt (proponderance in civil case)
  2. request by party for court to do something, pretrial determination, numerous types
  3. initiates lawsuit
  4. previously not allowed to take notes or ask questions, now can
  5. fines, damages, jail time

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  1. Organization of CourtFederal and State
    Trial, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court


  2. Importance of Rule of Law to Businesscourt doesn't have jurisdiction over me


  3. Parts of Free Market SystemLaw, Rule of Law, Property, Importance of Rule of Law to Business


  4. Lawyersset of rules, created and enforced by gov


  5. LegislationFederal: grant of power
    State: often limits federal gov power