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  1. Challenge for Cause
  2. Judge/Justice/Magistrate
  3. Deposition
  4. Compensatory Damages
  5. Private Law
  1. a property, contracts, torts (reasonable)
  2. b documentation to judge that juror is biased
  3. c oral questions asked by lawyer to defendant; phrase questions to attack credibility at trial
  4. d put injured person where they would have been
  5. e presides over procedures of case

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  1. jury is chosen
  2. Criminal Conduct, Breach of Contract, Tortious Conduct, Violations of Statutes
  3. set up 3 branches of gov, states retain all powers not given to the federal gov, basic rights guaranteed to individuals
  4. court doesn't have jurisdiction over me
  5. Constitution, Legislation, Administrative Regulation, Judicial Decisions

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  1. Lawfirst duty to admin or justice (ethical and correct before else)


  2. Procedural Lawhuman rights regardless of what the law says


  3. Answer/CounterclaimJudge, Justice, Magistrate
    Juror, Lawyers


  4. Plaintiffdocument that initiates lawsuit


  5. Criminal Lawviolate the law and put society at risk, punishment