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  1. Adversarial System
  2. Common and Civil Law
  3. Organization of Court
  4. Judicial Decisons
  5. Majority Opinion
  1. a lawyer is a zealous advocate to client (if client committed murder, the lawyer has to support reasonable doubt)
  2. b judge made law
  3. c judge made law or common law
  4. d Federal and State
    Trial, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court
  5. e 5 Justices carries the day

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  1. set of rules, created and enforced by gov
  2. answer to complaint
  3. oral questions asked by lawyer to defendant; phrase questions to attack credibility at trial
  4. need to appear in court (state)
  5. person charging

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  1. Criminal Lawproperty, contracts, torts (reasonable)


  2. Scopevery broad, often abused


  3. Law as Powerfirst duty to admin or justice (ethical and correct before else)


  4. Classifications of LawCommon and Civil, Public and Private, Civil and Criminal, Substantive


  5. Defendantperson being charged


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