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  1. Appellate Court
  2. Tortious Conduct
  3. Property
  4. Unanimous for Jurors?
  5. Scope
  1. a legal rights as asset, exclusivity of others
  2. b federal requires unanimous, varies by state
  3. c compensatory: make plain of whole
  4. d no witnesses, can sustain the trial courts decision, reverse or remain
  5. e very broad, often abused

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  1. request by party for court to do something, pretrial determination, numerous types
  2. examinations of those involved in case
  3. person being charged
  4. no surprises, both sides know case
  5. created by administration agencies such as SEC, EPA in order to make rules

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  1. Breach of Contractmonetary damages


  2. Concepts of JurisprudenceLaw as Power, Legal Positivism, Legal Realism, Natural Law


  3. Judicial Reviewcourt corrects social wrongs, less dependent on precedent, Constitution is a living/breathing document that changes over time, less concerned about state rights (federal > state)


  4. Civil Lawusually between two individuals, monetary compensation


  5. Judge/Justice/Magistratepresides over procedures of case