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  1. Dicta vs. Holding
  2. Precedents
  3. Legal Sanction Enforcement and Penalties
  4. Concepts of Jurisprudence
  5. Plaintiff
  1. a Law as Power, Legal Positivism, Legal Realism, Natural Law
  2. b Criminal Conduct, Breach of Contract, Tortious Conduct, Violations of Statutes
  3. c person charging
  4. d standard when judge is faced with similar case and should look at standard
  5. e not binding by lower courts, theorize
    obligated to follow

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  1. laws, mechanisms, procedures put in place to determine substantive issues
  2. legal rights as asset, exclusivity of others
  3. personal stake in case
  4. set up 3 branches of gov, states retain all powers not given to the federal gov, basic rights guaranteed to individuals
  5. document that initiates lawsuit

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  1. Legal Positivismoral questions asked by lawyer to defendant; phrase questions to attack credibility at trial


  2. Substantive Lawlaw that determines rights and duties of individuals


  3. Adversarial Systemlawyer is a zealous advocate to client (if client committed murder, the lawyer has to support reasonable doubt)


  4. Minimum Contractswould it be fair to require defendant to defend in this specific court


  5. Purposeno surprises, both sides know case