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  1. US Supreme Court (Federal)
  2. Concepts of Jurisprudence
  3. Classifications of Law
  4. Common and Civil Law
  5. Plaintiff
  1. a Common and Civil, Public and Private, Civil and Criminal, Substantive
  2. b person charging
  3. c Law as Power, Legal Positivism, Legal Realism, Natural Law
  4. d judge made law
  5. e Writ of Certiorari, questions of Federal Importance, Constitutional Issues, Conflicting Decision, Decision becomes law of the land, not subject to review

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  1. only use judicial review in unusual cases, change comes from legislation, look at intent of founding fathers, strong belief of precedent, belief in state's rights
  2. compensatory: make plain of whole
  3. oral questions asked by lawyer to defendant; phrase questions to attack credibility at trial
  4. jurisdiction over the parties, plaintiff submits, defendant
  5. many types of cases

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  1. Substantive LawConstitution, Legislation, Administrative Regulation, Judicial Decisions


  2. Jurorsrequest by party for court to do something, pretrial determination, numerous types


  3. Replyresponse to complaint


  4. Jurisprudencestandard when judge is faced with similar case and should look at standard


  5. ConsitutionFederal: grant of power
    State: often limits federal gov power