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The Enjoyment of Music by Kristine Forney and Joseph Machlis.

Middle Ages



getting money from the church for your music
-ALL sacred music


layers of music
-monophonic--> one sound
-polyphonic--> many sounds
-homophonic--> one main sound with an accompaniment
-can be chordal--> multiple parts moving in the same rhythm

Gregorian chang

aka Planchant or Plainsong


every syllable gets its own note


two or three notes per syllable of text


more than three notes per syllable of text


alternating two choirs
-kind of like a call and response for the church

Leonin and Perotin

-created the new way to read music
-created staff and spaces
-wrote the first legible notated music
-created polyphony
-They were monks at the Cathedral of Notre Dame


French love song


the enlightenment period
-shift from sacred to secular music
-musicians worked in churches, cities and courts
-rise of merchants who sold instruments

Musical Styles of the Renaissance

-a capella
-cantus firmus
-polyphony is based on continuous imitation (singing in rounds. think of row your boat)

Cantus Firmus

fixed melody

word painting

expressive device
music reflect the words
-if the music sounds sad then the words sound sad as well


the language of the land
-mass was not in the vernacular, it was in Latin


mass for the dead
-mass for special services

Italian Madrigal

-sung secularly

English Madrigal

-light, happy sounding
-have the syllables "fa-la-la" (Think "Deck the Halls")

Fair Phyllis

-Composer: Farmer
-Genre: English Madrigal
-characteristics: word painting
-first words are "Fair Phyllis"

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