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food storage in prokaryotes

gas vesicles

provide regulation for buoyancy in prokaryotes


long protein structure responsible for motility


allow attachment of cells to surfaces. sex pili are involved in DNA transfer


protein only, no nucleic acid. responsible for at least 7 neurodegenerative diseases


consist of a single RNA without a protective coat. it's an agent, and much smaller than a virus


agent, piece of nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat. "obligate intracellular parasites" (must hijack a living cell) need electromicroscope to see


prokaryotes: adherence and protection. it's a distinct coat of sugars/protein

slime layer

prokaryotes: irregular- enambles bacteria to adhere to specific surfaces. similar to the capsule


prokaryotes: carries non essential genetics


interior protein framework involved in cell division and controlling cell shape


protein synthesis


a type of cell resistant to heat and other damaging conditions


eukaryotes: site of photosynthesis

smooth endoplasmic reticulum

eukaryotes: lipid synthesis/degradation.. storage

rough endoplasmic reticulum

eukaryotes: processes and transports proteins made at attached ribosomes.

golgi apparatus

eukaryotes: site where protein from endoplasmic reticulum are modified before they are transported in vesicles


eukaryotes: (vesicles) digest macromolecules


eukaryotes: make ATP/ energy generators


eukaryotes: oxidation of lipids and toxic chemicals

chromosomes in prokaryotes

located in nucleoid which is not membrane-bound

cell boundary

phospholipid bilayer embedded with proteins. its a cytoplasmic membrane in prokaryotes and a plasma membrane in eukaryotes. involved in transport and structure


A surface-coating colony of prokaryotes that engage in metabolic cooperation. (some capsules and slime layers enable bacteria to grow an cling to surfaces)

cell wall

nonexistent in prokaryotes and animal cells. cell walls provide rigidity in plant cells


water storage in plant cells

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