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GCSE global inequalities in the supply and consumption of resources

Global inequalities
How countries differ in development, in this case with reference to water, food and energy
Resource supplies
The availability and supply of resources such as food, water and energy
Resource consumption
The use of resources such as food, water and energy
tend to consume a far higher amount of resources than LICs
Natural resources
Naturally occurring materials, such as oil and fertile land, which can be used by humans
having insufficient food or other substances for good health and condition.
A state where a country has not got enough calories for human health, typical of LICs in Sub-Saharan Africa
A state where people in a country are consuming excessive amounts of food, typical of many HICs
Map of food consumption
Map of Energy Consumption
Map of Water scarcity areas
amount of World's water which is fresh
Water footprint
The total daily per capita use of fresh water - high in HICs
Energy use
is highest in HICs and lowest in LICs