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HMS Five Themes of Geography

Five Themes of Geography

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Where something is.
An area that is defined by everything in it.
Human/environment interaction
How people adapt, modify, and depend on the environment.
How people, goods, and ideas go from one location to another.
An area of the earth's surface with similar characteristics. These may include physical, political, economic, or cultural characteristics.
Imaginary circles that go east and west around Earth
Imaginary circles that go north and south around Earth and all meet at the North and South Poles.
Cardinal directions
One of the four major directions (North, South, East, West)
Intermediate directions
One of the four directions that are halfway between the cardinal directions (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest)
Absolute Location
The exact place on earth where something is found.
Relative Location
Describes a place's location compared to another place.
Physical Characteristics
Created by nature: mountains, bodies of water, etc.
Human Characteristics
Created by man: people, culture, language, buildings, etc
Five Themes
Created by geographers so they could organize and understand the earth.

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