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PSYC 107 Practice Exam 1

Quiz 2
Megan was certain that she would never live far away from her family. However, she actually did move later to develop her career. Megan's cognitive error is:
If the correlation between the physical weight and reading ability of elementary school students is +.85, you should conclude that:
body weight may or may not have causal influence on the reading abilities of elementary school children
The class is playing a game of Jeopardy! and it is your turn. "I'll take Pioneers in Psychology for $50." The revealed answer is "Focused on unconscious factors and relied on the case study method." Just before the buzzer sounds, what will you say?
"Who are the psychoanalysts?"
Kelly came home to a dark apartment and had to feel around the wall for the light switch. She knew when her hand found the light switch because her __________________ relayed this information to her brain.
somatic nervous system
A psychologist evaluated Tameka, an eight-year-old child who has experienced difficulty in school. The psychologist sent questionnaires to 100 teachers to determine if they had ever seen similar cases. Based on the teachers' responses, the psychologist hypothesized that a particular diet might cause the learning problem. Following her tabulation of the responses, she designed a study that would tell her if diet were the actual cause. In order from first to last, which of the following lists the research methods this psychologist used in the correct order?
case study, survey, experiment
If the limbic system were destroyed, which of the following structures would be damaged?
amygdala and hippocampus
A young man reads in a letter that he has just won $1,000 in a state-wide lottery and he literally jumps for joy. Which neurons are sending messages from his brain to his legs ordering them to jump?
Motor neurons
Your conscious awareness of your own name and self-identity depends primarily on the normal functioning of your:
Cerebral Cortex
The part of the brain that receives sensations of touch, balance, body position, and oversees spatial abilities is in the __________.
Parietal Lobe
When you see someone you have a crush on and your heart pounds, your hands get sweaty, and your cheeks feel hot, your __________________ is/are very active.
autonomic nervous system
Which of the following is NOT true of all neurotransmitters?
They increase the likelihood that the next neuron will fire.
Mei was sent to the school psychologist to be tested. Based on her IQ scores it was decided that she would do well in the gifted child program. This is an example of which goal of psychology?
predicting behavior
The process of digesting your last snack or meal or the unconscious regulation of your breathing are all primarily rooted in the __________ nervous system.
The deer waits motionlessly, hidden in the thicket as the band of hunters approach. As they get closer, their dogs bark, picking up the scent of their prey. In a futile effort to escape, the deer bolts. Which of the following most accurately describes the nervous system of the hunted deer at this point?
Its sympathetic nerve fibers are more active than its parasympathetic nerve fibers.
McGee has just played a long, bruising football game but feels little fatigue or discomfort. His lack of pain is most likely caused by the release of:
An emergency room physician must treat a patient who has recently eaten a can of tainted mushrooms. Suspecting the botulin toxin, the physician must treat the woman in order to:
prevent the botulin toxin from blocking the binding of acetylcholine.
The area in the back of the temporal lobe that is important in our ability to listen and understand what others are saying is __________.
Wernicke's area
Which brain structure receives information from all the sensory systems?
The goals of psychology are to _____.
describe, explain, predict, and control behavior
One of the reasons psychodynamic theories have persisted over the years is that they are ________________.
difficult to to scientifically test and, thus, difficult to disprove
Which of the following is true of neural impulses in a single neuron?
The strength of a neural impulse is the same each time the neuron fires.
In which type of research would an investigator manipulate one factor in order to observe its effect on some behavior or mental process?
A drug that mimics the effects of a particular neurotransmitter is called a(n):
Assume that you are testing a split-brain human subject whose language center is in his left hemisphere. If you place a house key into his left hand, he will:
not be able to tell you what object he is presently holding.
Despite its dangers, a young man continues to take cocaine because of the feeling of euphoria it produces for him. This powerful arousal of his nervous system is probably due to cocaine's ability to:
intensify the effect of a certain neurotransmitter.
After the psychoanalysis perspective began to lose its influence, a new perspective emerged that emphasized conscious experience and each person's unique potential for personal growth, self-actualization, and free will. This perspective of psychology is called:
Josh has been participating in a clinical study by a cognitive scientist. It is likely that his brain is being studied to explore _________________.
A) problem-solving
B) thinking
C) language
D) all of the above
According to the __________________________ perspective, nobody can keep a secret because even if their lips are silent, the person will unconsciously reveal what they know through other behaviors.
A researcher, based on her review of relevant scientific studies, believes that there is a relationship between the frequency of a baby's crying and whether it was nursed at set intervals or on a demand schedule. If this belief were tested by experimentally manipulating feeding schedules, frequency of crying would be called the:
Dependent Variable
The magazine Desperate Wives publishes a survey of its female readers called "Cooking and the American Wife." It reports that 87 percent of American wives like to cook wearing aprons. The critical flaw in this research would be the fact that ______________.
the sample is not representative of American wives
In the 1970s, a 13-year-old girl was found locked up in a room, tied to a potty chair. Since she had grown up in a world without human speech, researchers studied "Genie's" ability to acquire words, grammar, and pronunciation. This type of research is called ________________________ . (This is a true story - google it!!!)
a case study
Dr. Mosher is a psychologist who tries to understand how people select mates. She must be a(n) ___________________ .
evolutionary psychologist
After spending time with Michael, the school counselor tells his teacher that his inappropriate behavior is a result of the absence of attention from his parents at home. Which goal of psychology is this an example of?
What is the most likely scientific reason Dr. Falk would conduct the same study that her colleague, a psychologist at another university, conducted?
If she achieves the same results, this would suggest that her colleague's findings were likely not an accident.
Jessica wants to conduct a study about differences in jealousy between men and women. She asks a random selection of 400 men and women a series of questions about hypothetical scenarios of partner infidelity. What is Jessica's population?
All men and women
Cal believes that a larger percentage of a city's population will engage in public displays of affection in highly populated cities due to feelings of anonymity when an individual is among a lot of other people. He rides a bus in densely populated New York City for five hours straight, watches the bus riders' interactions with each other, and unobtrusively counts the number of couples who are holding hands, hugging, or kissing. He then does the same in the small city of Rock Falls, Iowa. The research method Cal used is known as __________.
naturalistic observation
According to the situation in #36, what is Cal's sample?
The people who ride the bus he selected in each city
A psychologist using a correlational study design would be most likely addressing which of the following research questions?
Is there a relationship between parents' income and their children's intelligence test scores?
Jaleel is a participant in a cognitive experiment, but he does not know if he is in the experimental group or the control group. The researchers, however, are aware of the condition to which he has been assigned. The study in which Jaleel is participating is called __________.
a single-blind study
Which of the following research projects does not use a descriptive design?
Harry Harlow took baby monkeys from their mothers and put each in a cage containing only a wire stand and a terrycloth covered stand. In half of the cages, the wire stand held the milk bottle; in the other half of the cages, the terrycloth covered stand held the milk bottle. No matter which stand had the bottle, the monkeys preferred to cling to the cloth covered stands. Harlow's work indicates that attachment is based on contact comfort.