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  1. Amendments After Notice of Allowance
  2. What is the proper response to objection?
  3. Express abandonment after receipt of Notice of Allowance
  4. Amendment is received in PTO before NOA is mailed, but does not get to examiner until after NOA is mailed
  5. Appeal
  1. a Petition to director
  2. b It has same standing as if NOA was not mailed
  3. c Applicant should submit declaration along with a petition to withdraw the application from issue and fee.
  4. d An applicant can appeal after two or more actions on the merits, and after any final rejection
  5. e You have no right to have amendment entered after mailing of Notice of Allowance - it's a matter of grace, good and sufficient reason in petition and fee

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  1. 1) Failure to Reply
    2) Express Abandonment
    3) Termination of Proceedings
  2. 1) Applicant's health (w/ doctor's certificate)
    2) Applicant is 65 or over
    3) invention will materially enhance the quality of the environment
    4) invention will materially contribute to energy resource development or conservation
  3. 1) Deferral of examination of application
    2) max of 3 years from earliest filing date from which benefit is claimed
    3) fees
    4) won't be granted after mailing of office action or notice of allowance
    5) must be in condition for publication
    6) no non-publication request
    7) regular (utility) and plant apps or internationa app that entered national stage--on or after Nov. 29, 2000
  4. 1) filed along with a request for continued examination RCE
    2) must specify time of requested suspension (3 months)
    3) fee
  5. By filing a written declaration identifying the application; however, express abandonment of the application may not be recognized by the Office unless it is actually received in time to act before date of issue or publication.

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  1. How will any reply that states the information required to be submitted is unknown or is not readily available be treated?1) claims are to a single invention
    2) a search was made
    3) provides copies of closest references
    4) provide detailed discussion of references and why claims are patentable over them. If not met applicant gets second chance to meet them


  2. Who can properly sign a response?1) Inventor/applicant
    2) Registered attorney/agent: of record, or using his file, or known by examiner to be local representative of record attorney


  3. What factors should be considered in whether a preliminary amendment "unduly interferes" with preparation of first OA?1) nature of changes to claims or spec that would result from entry of amendment;
    2)state of preparation of first OA as of date of receipt or pre. Amendment


  4. Failure to Reply1) If there is failure to reply it will be automatically become abandoned
    2) If applicant replies within the time period but the reply is not fully responsive, the application still may be abandoned (EOT may be given if response appears to be a bona fide attempt to respond)


  5. Foreign Filing Liscense1) Due dates are calculated from PTO mailing date
    2) EOT cannot exceed the 6 month statutory period for Office actions