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  1. What is the difference in the treatment of a supplemental oath or declaration and a supplemental reissue oath or declaration?
  2. Submission with a RCE if a reply to an OA is outstanding
  3. When is an application recognized as being closed?
  4. What is the max period suspension of action by PTO
  5. What happens after an interview?
  1. a The max period is 6 MONTHS; office will notify applicant
  2. b 1) submission must meet requirement of section 1.111 in order to continue prosecution.
    Payment of the fee for an RCE does NOT toll the running of any time period set for reply.
  3. c A supplemental oath or declaration is NOT treated as an amendment, but a supplemental reissue oath or decl. is so treated
  4. d 1) application is under appeal
    2) last office action is final
    3) notice of allowance
    4) Another action that closes prosecution
  5. e Applicant must be ensure the substance of the interview is made of record in the app--often the examined agrees to do it. Full response to OA is still required.

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  1. 1) Examiner must respond within 2 MONTHS of receipt
    2) Examiner may not make next action a final rejection if it relies on the new material
  2. It is considered abandoned
  3. PTO accepts a request to publish an SIR in the application
  4. An applicant can appeal after two or more actions on the merits, and after any final rejection
  5. 1) IDS
    2) amendments
    3) arguments in a previously filed appeal or reply brief submitted in reply to a final rejection

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  1. How will authorization to charge all required fees be to a deposit account be treated?No limit as long as done before aboandoned


  2. Order of ExaminationRejection of claims is based on subject matter (substance) and is subject to appeal. Note: objections are based on form and may be reviewed only by petition to the director.


  3. Who can interview?1) Inventor/applicant
    2) Registered attorney/agent: of record, or using his file, or known by examiner to be local representative of record attorney


  4. When should preliminary amendment be filed?1) Should be filed after app gets app number and filing date if not filed with original app
    2) Should be filed with original app if claims are canceled to reduce the filing fee
    3) For CPA's, preliminary amendments must be filed on the filing date of the CPA


  5. What submissions are not allowed with a RCE?1) Appeal briefs under section 1.192
    2) Reply briefs under 193(b)