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  1. How will any reply that states the information required to be submitted is unknown or is not readily available be treated?
  2. What submissions are not allowed with a RCE?
  3. Abandonment of an application
  4. What is the limit for a Request for Continued Examination (RCE)?
  5. When are foreign licenses obtained
  1. a 1) Appeal briefs under section 1.192
    2) Reply briefs under 193(b)
  2. b It will be accepted as a complete reply--safe harbor
  3. c 1) Failure to Reply
    2) Express Abandonment
    3) Termination of Proceedings
  4. d No limit as long as done before aboandoned
  5. e Licenses are obtained automatically 6 months after the filing date. They can also be obtained retroactively with a petition (countries filed, dates, not secret, license was diligently sought, filing was in error w/o deceptive intent) and fee.

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  1. Petition to director
  2. time is not extendable for: submitting an oath or declaration and submitting formal drawings
  3. 1) If intentional, must remedy within statutory period to avoid abandonment
    2) If unintentional, examiner can either accept it or require reply within remaining period or set a new 1 month time limit (extendable); new time limit cannot be given after final OA
  4. As a constructive petition for extension of time
  5. 1) PTO will withdraw the finality of any OA
    2) Will be treated as request to dismiss an appeal and reopen prosecution if filed after filing of the Notice of Appeal but prior to decision
    3) If filed after a decision but before filing an appeal, it will serve to reopen prosecution. However, applicant must submit arguments, amendments, or a showing of facts as to why any rejection upheld or suggested by the Board should be removed

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  1. A preliminary amendment will generally not be disapproved if it filed no later than:1) 3 months from filing date;
    2) filing date of CPA;
    3) OR 3 months from date the national stage is entered.

    NOT extendable time periods


  2. Suspension for public safety or defense by PTO ifreceived by PTO before first OA is mailed


  3. What is the difference in the treatment of a supplemental oath or declaration and a supplemental reissue oath or declaration?The max period is 6 MONTHS; office will notify applicant


  4. 8 Types of Special ApplicationsSpecial application include:
    1) made special by petition
    2) reissued applications
    3) transferred to different examiner
    4) interference
    5) ready for allowance
    6) ready for final rejection
    7) pending more than 5 years
    8) reexaminations


  5. Entry of Second or Supplemental responses1) Applicant(s)
    2) Owner(s)
    3) Attorney of record
    4) Attorney not of record but acting in representative capacity


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