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  1. Suspension of action may by an APPLICANT (new) [1.103(d)]
  2. Can you respond to some rejection or objections and defere others until some future time?
  3. If a response to a Final Rejection is filed, the examiner may or may not
  4. What is the proper response to a rejection?
  5. Can amendments or briefs be amended?
  1. a 1) Deferral of examination of application
    2) max of 3 years from earliest filing date from which benefit is claimed
    3) fees
    4) won't be granted after mailing of office action or notice of allowance
    5) must be in condition for publication
    6) no non-publication request
    7) regular (utility) and plant apps or international app that entered national stage--on or after Nov. 29, 2000
  2. b Not allowed! Each response must be complete and respond fully to each rejection and objection.
  3. c "enter" the amendment because it raises new issues, or does not place the application in better condition for appeal.
  4. d No.
  5. e Appeal

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  1. No, except in the "no cause" suspension used in CPA or RCE filing. (suspension is no longer than 3 months)
  3. 1) Inventor/applicant
    2) Registered attorney/agent: of record, or using his file, or known by examiner to be local representative of record attorney
  4. 1.312
  5. establishing a date of invention to remove prior art arising under 102(a) and 102(e) BUT NOT 102(b)

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  1. To test an objection-ask for a reconsideration
    - then, a petition filed to the commissioner.


  2. What Rule is swearing back?37 CFR 1.131


  3. Automatic extensions are available for what kind of time periods?1 month
    2 month
    3 month
    4 month
    5 month

    That IS IT! A total automatic extension greater than 5 months is NOT POSSIBLE!


  4. Every response by an applicant must1) Reply to every rejection and objection in OA
    2) Be a bona fide attempt to advance case to final action
    3) Be in writing, typed or written in permanent ink and proper size paper
    4) Be properly signed


  5. Patentable subject matter is defined in 35 USC 101 as any new and useful:1. process
    2. machine
    3. manufacture
    4. composition of matter