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  1. Suspension of action may by an APPLICANT on petition if [1.103(c)]
  2. Can you petition for suspension of action while there is an action outstanding?
  3. Can prosecution be suspended in a reexamination?
  4. When swearing back, do you handle the claims separately?
  5. What about a response to a notice of missing parts?
  1. a No.
  2. b Yes! Handle on a claim by claim basis because various claims have different dates of invention.
  3. c Can be extended to 5 months as well.
  4. d no.
  5. e 1) filed along with a request for continued examination RCE
    2) must specify time of requested suspension (3 months)
    3) fee

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  1. submitted a "clean" version of the drawing to be amended. A "marked-up" version may optionally submitted
  2. bar patenting subject matter which the applicant did not invent.
  3. 1. a response must be filed for allowance
    2. A notice of appeal must be filed
    3. the examiner, either on his or her own initiative or in response to a request by the applicant, converts the action to a non-final one (CPA or RCE)
  4. NO
  5. Bringing an abandoned application back to life.

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  1. Only two procedures are available to challenge whether a pending application should issue:a protest or a Public Use Proceeding.

    Protests are covered in chapter 1900


  2. If a response to a Final Rejection is filed, the examiner may or may not"enter" the amendment because it raises new issues, or does not place the application in better condition for appeal.


  3. Final Rejection1) Inventor/applicant
    2) Registered attorney/agent: of record, or using his file, or known by examiner to be local representative of record attorney


  4. Swearing back RULE1) Due dates are calculated from PTO mailing date
    2) EOT cannot exceed the 6 month statutory period for Office actions


  5. What factors should be considered in whether a preliminary amendment "unduly interferes" with preparation of first OA?1) nature of changes to claims or spec that would result from entry of amendment;
    2)state of preparation of first OA as of date of receipt or pre. Amendment