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  1. What about a response to a notice of missing parts?
  2. Period for Reply
  3. What is the max period suspension of action by PTO
  4. How can you respond to an Official Action?
  5. Can you obtain an extension of time to pay the issue fee?
  1. a The max period is 6 MONTHS; office will notify applicant
  2. b 1) Due dates are calculated from PTO mailing date
    2) EOT cannot exceed the 6 month statutory period for Office actions
  3. c By making an amendment or if no changes are made, then Request for Reconsideration
  4. d Can be extended to 5 months as well.
  5. e No but you can pay late upon proper showing (unavoidable, unintentional)

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  1. The claims appealed are considered without the amendments which were sought in the non-entered response
  2. 1. process
    2. machine
    3. manufacture
    4. composition of matter
  3. Special application include:
    1) made special by petition
    2) reissued applications
    3) transferred to different examiner
    4) interference
    5) ready for allowance
    6) ready for final rejection
    7) pending more than 5 years
    8) reexaminations
  4. NO! Must be filed in advance of the established due date.
  5. Like an amendment from the applicant so extensions are necessary.

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  1. The deadline for filing an Appeal Brief is calculated from:the date the Notice of Appeal is actually received by the Patent Office.


  2. Are amendments after allowance a matter of right?NO


  3. An applicant for a patent can now establish a date of invention by acts in a NAFTA country after ____ or in a WTO country after ____.No but you can pay late upon proper showing (unavoidable, unintentional)


  4. How do you change claim wording?1) Inventor/applicant
    2) Registered attorney/agent: of record, or using his file, or known by examiner to be local representative of record attorney


  5. Amendments After Notice of AllowanceYou have no right to have amendment entered after mailing of Notice of Allowance - it's a matter of grace, good and sufficient reason in petition and fee