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  1. Suspension of action may by an APPLICANT on petition if [1.103(a)]
  2. A petition to revive an abandoned application which had an outstanding Official Action pending at the time it was abandoned must be accompanied by either an
  3. What is a supplemental reply?
  4. Is preliminary amendment considered part of the original disclosure?
  5. When there is no common inventor, can the patent office do this?
  1. a 1) Good and sufficient cause
    2) Applicant must specify time of requested suspension (not to exceed 6 months)
    3) must pay fee (unless PTO's fault)
    4) no response can be due from applicant (i.e., no outstanding Office Actions)
  2. b No, because that would violate the law requiring applications to be maintained in confidence.
  3. c A reply filed in follow up to an initially filed reply
  4. d Not considered part of original disclosure unless filed with original app and later filed oath refers to it
  5. e amendment, request for reconsideration, or filing of a continuation.

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  1. - an actual reduction to practice OR
    - conception and diligence to actual reduction to practice
  2. Purpose is to prove that applicant was the first inventor when faced with a reference dated earlier than the application filing date
  3. Bringing an abandoned application back to life.
  4. - cancellation of claims
    - adoption of Examiner suggestions
    - placing application in condition for allowance
    - replying of office requirement made after First reply
    - correct informalities
    - simplify issues on Appeal
  5. sent in response to an After Final Amendment that was filed by the applicant within two months.

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  1. Failure to Reply35 USC 102 (d) bars anyone from obtaining a US patent on a given invention only is all of the following has happened:

    1. filed in a foreign country
    2. filing in the foreign county was 12 months prior to US application filing
    3. foreign patent issued before the US patent filed.


  2. Appeal- Any application filed on or before June 8, 1995 and has an effective filing date of June 8, 1993 or earlier can use the Transitional Final Rejection practice

    - Any application filed on or after June 8, 1995 are eligible for RCE


  3. A patent application published in the US resulting from an international application entering the national stage is prior art under 102(e) as of its international filing date ONLY IFthe IA was published in English.


  4. Due dates for the following cannot be extended even for cause:1. IDS
    2. Any due date set by statute (such as 6 month absolute deadline set for response to Office Action)
    3. The issue fee can now, by statute, be paid late upon a proper showing, but cannot be extended
    4. The deadline for responding to a Notice of Omitted Items (2)
    5. The three month deadline to obtain a refund for a fee paid as a large entity.
    6. Filing Formal Drawings at time Issue Fee is paid.


  5. Which petitions to make special DO NOT require a fee?It is considered abandoned