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  1. Iliac crest, ribs 3-12
  2. Nuchal ligament, spinous processes C7-T3
  3. Posterior dorsal rami
  4. Transverse processes C1-C4
  5. Extend head and neck, rotate head to side contracting
  6. Spinous processes C7-L2

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  1. Splenius Capitis InsertionTransverse processes C1-C4


  2. Longissimus InsertionTransverse processes C2-T12, mastoid process


  3. Longissimus OriginExtend head, extend and laterally flex vertebral column


  4. Intermediant (Erectir Spinae Group)Posterior dorsal rami


  5. Intermediate Muscle innervationPosterior dorsal rami


  6. Splenius Cervicis OriginSpinous processes T3-T4


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