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a liquid or semi-solid product that is used in preparing other Foods
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very fancy and nice a mixture of egg yolks and heavy cream often used to finish some sauces such as allemande sauceliasona mixture of raw butter in various flavoring ingredients such as her herbs nuts Citrus zest shallots Ginger and veggiescompound buttera cold mixture of fresh herbs spices fruits and vegetables can be used for meat poultry fish or shellfishsalsaA thick pureed sauce is called aCoulisa soften butter flavored with lemon juice and chopped parsleymaitre d hotel buttera sauce made from the juices of cooked meat and brown stockJus-liemeat served with their own juices are calledaujuswhat is the easiest way to strain saucethe wringing methoda perforated metal conical strainer with much larger holes than a chinois.... it is used to remove seeds and other course matter from soft foods but produces a coarser textured product then the chinoisChina capwhat does saute meancook with butter or oilwhat does caramelized meannatural sugar in onion that turns it brownwhat does al dente meantender but firmwhat does d u r e e meanto mixwhat does simmer meanto bring barely at Boiling Pointwhat is another name for a whole butterBeurre Maniewhich sauces are not Grand sauces or derivatives of grand saucesButters salsa and couiliswhat are the types of stockwhite stock Brown stock f u m e t Court bouillon bullion remouillage vegetable stock glace and jus rich stocka thickener made of equal parts flour and soft whole butterbeurre manieslowly mix a little bit of the hot sauce with the eggs and cream mixture to raise the temperature and then add the warmed up mixture into the saucetemper the saucewhat are some examples of a rouxclarified butter oil or shorteningplace of cheesecloth over a bowl and pour the sauce through the cheesecloth into the bowlwringing methodwhat are the four common types of rouxWhite blonde brown and darkcook for short. Of time used in sauces were little color is needed Bland a little starchy has most thickening powerWhite r o u xcooked longer than white roux until flower turns golden and has a Nutty aroma used in Ivory colored sauces like veloute has more flavor developmentblond rouxthis sauce is cooked until it develops a dark brown color used in dishes that require a dark brown color brown roux is nutty and a rich medium brown color dark brown roux is quite dark with a Nutty roasted flavordark and dark brown rouxa signature made of equal parts cooked flour and a fat such as clarified butter oil or shorteningroux