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GCSE Reduced UK domestic supplies of coal, gas and oil


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Domestic energy supplies
Sources of energy that come from WITHIN a country
International energy supplies
Sources of energy that come from outside of the country
UK coal industry
helped fuel the industrial revolution (1760 to 1820/40) in the UK
Open cast mining
a surface mining technique of extracting rocks like coal from the earth by their removal from an open pit or borrow. Unusual in the UK
number of deep mines left in the UK
number of open cast mines in the UK
UK city reliant on North Sea Oil and Gas
11 billion barrels
The approximate amount of oil left in the North Sea without new discoveries (the Scotsman, 2017)
42 billion barrels
of oil equivalent has been sucked from the North Sea since the first gas was produced in West Sole in 1967 and the first oil in the Argyll field in 1975
Non renewable fuels
are running out in the UK
Renewable energies
have contributed increasing % of the UK's energy, up to 29% in the second quarter of 2017