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Study Questions for A&P I Lab 5 Cell Structure. Hole's Human A&P 12th ed


Loosely coiled fibers containing protein and DNA within the nucleus of a cell.


Occupies space between cell membrane and nucleus.

Endoplasmic reticulum

Organelles composed of membrane-bound sacs, canals, and vesicles for tubular transport.

Gogli apparatus

Flattened membranous sacs that package a secretion.


Membranous sac that contains digestive enzymes.


Slender tubes that provide movement in cilia and flagella.


"Powerhouse of cell" Location of ATP production from digested food molecules.

Nuclear envelope

Separates nuclear contents from cytoplasm.


Dense body of RNA within the nucleus.


Spherical organelle that contains chromatin and nucleolus.


Small RNA-containing particles for the synthesis of proteins.

Vesicle (vacuole)

Membranous sac formed by the pinching off of pieces of cell membrane.

What is the disadvantage of observing cells that are sliced into very thin sections?

Only nonliving cells can be observed; Only the sliced portion can be observed possibly leaving out other organelles.

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