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GCSE issues with exploitation of energy sources


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Energy sources
These provide us with the energy we need, including fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear
Economic issues
Issues related to money, taxes, and production of goods and services, in this case for energy sources
Environmental issues
Issues concerned with whether energy sources are good or bad for the environment.
Use or utilization of eneregy sources, especially for profit
Carbon Dioxide
A gas released during combustion of fossil fuels that contributes to global warming
Sulphur dioxide
(SO2) Component of acid rain. Formed when fossil fuels are burned.
Hinkley Point C
Site of new Uk Nuclear Power Station, will cost an enormous £20billion+
Nuclear waste
radioactive waste material produced by nuclear power plants, a negative environmental impact
Particulate matter that is a product of burning fossil fuels, poses health and disposal issues
Offshore wind farms
Can damage the sea bed and are hazardous for birds
The pumping of water at high pressure to break apart rocks in order to release natural gas
Kirby Misperton
Location of one of the UK's test fracking sites
Water contamination
One of the worries about fracking
Energy security
a country's ability to secure all its energy needs
Shale rocks
Type of rock that is fractured to release trapped gas during fracking process