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Bailey International Relations

What is International Relations
The study of how countries interact with one another.
What does an International System describe?
describes the way power is distributed around the globe for a certain amount of time.
What four International Systems represented dominance by the US and USSR?
Pre -World War 1 system, WW1 and WW2 system, The Cold War System, and the Post Cold War System
How did hostility between the 13 colonies and Britain begin?
It began when Britain tried to place heavy restrictions on the Colonies so that the colonists would only sell their goods to Britain. The colonists did not want this, they wanted to trade all over the world.
Full power to independence and rule one's country freely.
To beat the British who did colonial militias reach out to in terms of European powers?
The colonist reached out to Spain and France to form alliances.
Who supplied the colonists with weapons and troops?
What describes the US policy changes after the war for independence?
Manifest Destiny
What attempt at reforming government had to be scrapped for a centralized system?
Articles of Confederation
How much did the US buy Alaska for?
7.2 Million dollars
Manifest Destiny
The belief that America had the God-given right and duty to expand across the continent
Why was the US foreign policy a success during the time between the war of independence and the 19th century?
F. US foreign policy from our period of independence to the later 1900's was a success because we kept the Europeans from dominating us, we bought out North American holdings cheap, and we did it with measured doses of military force and expenditures. By doing these main three things we grew into a world power rather quickly.
between the 1800's and the 1900's the US domestic policy moved from domestic concerns to.....
international expansion
In 1898 The US dominated what areas?
The US dominated independent Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, Wake Island, and the American Samoa.
What US policy was issued during the isolationist period? Know the major three.
The Kellogg Briand Act which made war unlawful. The Neutrality acts that reinforced isolationism. Also, the Johnson act which prohibited foreign nations from marketing their bond issues in the United States.
Lend Lease Act
Gave war supplies to the Soviet Union and Britain.
When was the UN authorized by congress?
When did the Cold War start?
1945 when USSR broke the Yalta Agreements.
Opposition to Soviet Expansion
What US president saw Stalin as another Hitler?
President Truman
How did Containment succeed?
Because of America's strong air power, NATO, and the atomic bomb. These helped us "Contain" soviet expansion.
Describes a time period in the Early Cold War in which people were unscrupulously accused of being disloyal (as by saying they were Communists)
Bay of Pigs invasion?
Under JFK, America sent in Cuba exiles to try to overthrow Castro. The worst thing is that America sent in the troops and then Kennedy abandoned them in their attack by not providing air support. All the exiles were wiped out.
What was the first war of Indochina called?
The first war in Vietnam
End of first Indochina war, where did the Vietminh flee?
to North Vietnam.
Another name for the Vietminh?
Vietnam Independence League
Why did Kennedy increase the number of troops for the second war in Vietnam?
Kennedy felt that he had something to prove after the Bay of Pigs disaster.
What plan did Johnson devise to gain congressional support in Vietnam?
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Who eventually pulled the troops from Vietnam?
What agreement put an end to the second war in Vietnam?
The Paris Accord, extrication without humiliation, the US turned all responsibility over to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, which was extremely corrupt.
What happened by 1975 when Vietcong and the Army of Republic of Vietnam clashed?
The US handed responsibility the ARVN and then pulled completely out of Vietnam. Congress refused to allow another president to get involved with Vietnam. ARVN surrendered to the Vietcong.
What happened to the people who fled from the Vietcong?
They were brutally raped, tortured, and murdered.
What ended the cold war?
Collapse of the Soviet Union
What lesson if learned from Vietnam?
America should have left Vietnam alone, because historically china and Vietnam have always been enemies, eventually we would have established relations.
After Vietnam, what was US policy?
The US shied away from another conflict or full scale war. However not for long, because we did have some skirmishes.
using military forces overseas in battle.
When did the US invade Grenada and squash skirmishes in Beirut?
When did Bush kick Iraq out of Kuwait?
Between Pearl harbor 1941 and then through Vietnam, what policy was in place?
What was public opinion regarding US overseas activity?
American support goes in stages. It is always unstable.
Do Americans always support intervention?
They usually support interventionist but because of all the hassle it presents they oppose it.
Policies do not change from one administration to the next. They remain because of sheer convenience.
Who gets trapped by policies of predecessors?
New Up and Coming Presidents.
Why does the president get away with violating the constitution in terms of war?
Because often times Congress goes with the flow of Public Opinion. Also, war requires quick efficient action. Sometimes it is necessary to proceed in war and then gain congressional approval.
Was Vietnam a declared war?
Doing things ourselves [Americans] and not in concert with other countries. This can hurt a country in the long run, it does not establish relationships which many times a country will need.