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FSU BSC 1105 CH 3: Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth


Series of biochemical changes in a sperm cell that affect its swimming motion and membrane to allow it to fuse with the egg.


Procedure for detecting fetal abnormalities in which the amniotic sac is punctured with a large hypodermic needle and amniotic fluid is withdrawn into a syringe for analysis.


Inner membrane that holds the fetus suspended in amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid

Watery fluid that surrounds a developing embryo/fetus.


Mass of cells that result from repeated divisions of the zygote.


Biochemical changes in a sperm cell that allow it to penetrate the egg.


Outer membrane that forms the outer wall of the blastocyst.

Chorionic villi sampling

Procedure for detecting fetal abnormalities that involves examination of chorionic villi.


Union of sperm and egg; also called fertilization.


Diminished ability to produce offspring.


Structure through which the fetus derives its nourishment and rids itself of waste products.


Inability to produce offspring.


Fertilized ovum before cell division.

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