So You Want to be an Interpreter? CH 5

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Paternalism-The power group wants everything to work out well -This means that a hearing member of the family or a professional will "take charge" of the situation making the decisions. Thus ignoring/suppressing the Deaf person's wishes or desires -Interpreters need to be very careful to not display these attitudes/actions!Passivity-Some Deaf people feel there is no sense in fighting the system -This feeling is a result of many centuries of oppression -Many members of the Deaf community will complain - but rarely are there actions to change the situationHorizontal HostilityThe "Crab Theory" o If you put crabs in a bucket and one starts crawling up to get out, the others pull him back down o This is how it sometimes is in the Deaf community - if one advances and has had a lot of attention, they will be knocked off their pedestalDependence on the BenefactorBecause they have been oppressed, at times they will come to depend on their benefactor because they honestly believe they cannot do things on their ownThe Role of Residential Schoolsthis is a great place for interaction and learning in an open communication environment. - Because everything the Deaf students need are provided, some Deaf expect society to take care of them.