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GCSE Impacts of food insecurity


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an effect or result, in this case of food insecurity. Can be Social (people), Economic (money) or Environmental (on nature)
Food insecurity
the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.
The condition in which not enough calories are ingested to maintain health
An extreme shortage of food
is chronic or severe undernourishment
Soil erosion
The removal of topsoil faster than the soil forming processes can replace it, due to natural, animal, and human activity. Often it is a complex mix of all 3 activities.
Keeping animal stocks at numbers higher than the environment can support can cause soil erosion - animals eat the vegetation & compact the soil limiting new plant growth - soil washes away
Over cultivation
Trying to grow too many plants - never letting the soil rest removes vital nutrients from the soil. Means less plants grow, more soil is exposed and gets eroded away.
Rising Food prices
Caused by food insecurity and prices go up when demand is greater than supply
Horn of Africa 2011-12
Serious famine affecting parts of Somalia and Ethiopia
Food riots
A form of SOCIAL UNREST where people act in a violent manner because of food shortages and food prices
Burkina Faso
Example of food riots - in 2007/8 people rioted over soaring food prices (up to a 65 percent increase). Over 100 people were arrested in one of the towns.