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GCSE Almeria, Spain - example of large scale agriculture


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The raising of crops and animals for food, feed, fiber, fuel, or other useful products.
Large scale agriculture
Producing food over large areas with large outputs
Is found on the Costa Del Sol on the South Coast of Spain.
Large metal and glass or plastic structures designed to protect plants from winds and maintain temperatures
the amount of precipitation in Almeria, dry enough for a desert and a limiting factor in farming
40,000 hectares
area covered by greenhouses south of Almeria in Spain
€1.2 billion
Amount of economic activity from this farming area
Extended growing season
An advantage of growing crops in greenhouses
the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil, common in Almeria
Social advantage of the farming
Produces relatively cheap fresh fruit and vegetables for people all year round. Grown outside of their normal growing season, increasing the variety of diet for people throughout the year.
Economic advantage of the farming
Creates jobs in greenhouses, picking, packing and transport
Environmental disadvantage
Plastic used has damaged local ecosystems. Waste plastic is often burnt and this is toxic and hazardous to human health. Pesticides used.
is in severe shortage in the area and has been affected by the farming, with river beds drying up and aquifers shrinking