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GCSE Sustainable food supplies


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Local food sourcing
method of food production and distribution that is local, rather than national and/or international. Food is grown (or raised) and harvested close to consumers' homes, then distributed over much shorter distances.
Organic produce
Food which is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods on organic farms.
A system of agricultural and social design principles based upon or directly using patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.
Urban farming
The growing of fruits, herbs, and vegetables and raising animals in towns and cities.
Sustainable food supply
Food that is produced in ways that avoid damaging natural resources, provide social benefits such as good quality food and safe and healthy products, and contribute to local economies
Artificial fertilisers
Are banned in organic farming and farmers develop fertile soil by rotating crops and using compost, manure and clover.
£1.95 billion
Value of UK's organic food sector in 2016
Green Roofs
Gardens on rooftops used for producing food in cities
Sustainable fishing
A fishery in which the population of the target species remains relatively stable.
Seasonal food
Eating food that is in season, so producing food locally without the need for expensive heated greenhouses or imports of food from thousands of miles away.
Food miles
The distance a food travels from its site of production to the consumer
Food waste
any edible food that is discarded, can be reduced by buying "ugly" fruit, planning shopping, checking fridge, conserving food