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Spanish 1 Stem Changing Verbs


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Servir (e-i)
to serve
Pedir (e-i)
to ask for
Seguir (e-i)
to follow
Reír (e-i)
to laugh
Sonreír (e-i)
to smile
Freír (e-i)
to fry
Vestir (e-i)
to dress
Despertar (e-ie)
to wake up
Empezar (e-ie)
to begin
Cerrar (e-ie)
to close
Sentar (e-ie)
to sit
Sentir (e-ie)
to feel
Pensar (e-ie)
to think
Querer (e-ie)
to want/wish/love
Acostar (o-ue)
to go to bed
Morir (o-ue)
to die
Doler (o-ue)
to hurt
Rogar (o-ue)
to pray
Dormir (o-ue)
to sleep
Encontrar (o-ue)
to find
Poder (o-ue)
to be able to
Soñar (o-ue)
to dream
Volar (o-ue)
to fly
Volver (o-ue)
to return
Jugar (u-ue)
to play
tener + que + infinitive
to have to
tener frío
to be cold
tener calor
to be hot
tener hambre
to be hungry
tener sueño
to be sleepy
tener vergüenza
to be embarrassed
tener miedo
to be afraid
tener sed
to be thirsty
tener prisa
to be in a hurry
tener cuidado
to be careful
yours, of yours (formal); his, hers, their, its
our, ours