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GCSE Global patterns energy supply & Demand


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Energy supply
refers to the source and availability of energy
Energy demand
The need or desire for energy in a region or country
50% of the world's energy
is consumed by the richest countries in the world of around 1 billion people
4% of the world's energy
is consumed by the poorest 20% of people in the world's LICs
Global energy demand
has gone up over 20% between 1990 and 2008
Reason for energy use increasing
energy consuming technologies are more readily available and many more countries are moving from Low Income Countries (LICs) and developing into Newly Emerging Economies (NEEs - such as China and India) so need energy
High Income Countries (HICs)
consume the most energy globally
such as sub Saharan Africa, and the poorer South Asian economies such as Myanmar have lower consumption of energy per capita
Geology and geography
determine whether or not a country can supply energy
The UK
has some reserves of coal left, and some oil and gas in the North Sea.
Energy Gap
Energy available as supply - Energy demand of citizens and industry
Energy security
The uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price.
Energy insecurity
a lack of security over energy sources