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GCSE Impacts of energy insecurity


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Energy security
The uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price.
Energy Insecurity
a lack of security over energy sources
tend to have weaker energy security
Tend to have an energy mixand better energy security
Energy conflict
Disagreements over who has access to and control over energy resources. Can be price conflicts or as severe as all out war
Environmentally sensitive areas
Can be badly damaged by our serach and exploitation of energy sources, e.g. oil spills
Large sections of tropical forests
Can be cleared to access fossil fuels underneath, to build huge hydroelectric dam projects such as the Belo Monte dam in Brazil
Athabasca Tar Sands
An area of oil production in Canada which has suffered environmental pollution
Price of energy
Can go up and down wildly in countries without their own reserves of fossil fuels and dependent on imports
Industrial output
Changes to the cost of energy add to the costs of production and could turn a profitable industry, such as the steel industry in the UK into one that needs to shut down
Air Pollution
caused by the burning of fossil fuels caused 40,000 excess deaths per year in the UK and 9 million worldwide. A social impact
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
Huge dam project on River Nile with potential to cause conflict between Ethiopia, where the dam is located, and Egypt, downstream