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(1) Take a Firearms Authorization Form (P-0027) and the desired firearm to the Range
Master for inspection, certification, and documentation the firearm is in compliance
with Orders and functioning within the manufacturer's guidelines.
(2) The officer shall successfully complete a firearms training course designed to
develop and test proficiency with the non-issued firearm. Officers desiring to carry a
non-issued rifle must successfully complete this training and attach a copy of the
certificate of completion to the Firearms Authorization Form (P-0027).
(3) The Firearms Authorization Form (P-0027) will be forwarded through the officer's
chain of command to their division chief, at a minimum, for approval. Additionally,
officers requesting authorization to carry non-issued rifles must submit a Vehicle
Modification Request Form (P-1693) requesting the installation of a vehicle alarm.
(4) Rifles will only be stored in vehicles equipped with a vehicle alarm and a cable lock.
Vehicles not having an enclosed trunk (e.g., SUV, etc.) will be equipped with a
firearm lock box permanently attached to the vehicle.
(5) The original Firearms Authorization Form (P-0027) will be routed to Human
Resources Division by a director's executive secretary to be placed in the personnel
file and a copy will also be forwarded to the Accreditation Unit.
(6) Officers only need to re-qualify with each handgun type (e.g., Glock semi-automatic,
Revolver) they are authorized to carry. It is no longer necessary to re-qualify with
each specific handgun.
(7) Officers shall qualify with their backup weapon types, if a revolver or non-Glock
semi-automatic, at least once annually.
(8) It is the member's responsibility to notify the Firing Range Unit they need to qualify
with their approved backup weapon during one of their annual requalification
(9) Officers failing to qualify with approved backup firearms will not be authorized to
carry the weapon type, on or off duty until he successfully requalifies.
(10) If officers are no longer carrying their approved backup weapons, they shall cancel
the previously approved authorization by completing the Personal Firearms
Authorization Form (P-0027), routing it to the Human Resources Division, and note
on the form the authorization is canceled.