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GCSE strategies to increase water supply


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High Income Countries (HICs)
have greater ability to increase water supply, either by purifying and cleaning water or trapping and transferring it.
A barrier that runs across a river or stream to control the flow of water, allows water to build up behind it securing water supplies
a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply.
3 Gorges Dam
Project on the Yangtze River will supply hydroelectric power and water to China's interior regions.
Positives of 3 Gorges
Produces Hydro Electric Power (HEP). Reduced the risk of flooding. The dam will protect over 25,000ha of farmland. Allows river to be navigable
Negatives of 3 Gorges
1.4 million people had to be displaced (moved) . Huge amounts of sediment will be deposited. Untreated waste into the lake. Very expensive.
Water transfer
Move water from an area of surplus in a country to one which has a deficit. Includes gravity systems or using large pumping stations, and moved about in canals and pipes.
Involves removing salt and other minerals to create fresh, drinkable water
Desalination is used
where fresh water supplies are short but seawater is plentiful, to supply a community with fresh water for households, manufacturing or agriculture.
has spent $13 billion on desalinisation plants for 5 of its major cities to provide up to 30% of their water in the future