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GCSE South to North Water Transfer Project (SNWTP), China


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South to North Water Transfer Project
$62 billion
Cost of the South-North Water Transfer Project
The aims of the project
divert 44.8 billion cubic meters of water per year from the Yangtze River in southern China to the Yellow River Basin in arid northern China
Reason the water is needed
Is because much of China's economic growth has occurred in the north on the North China Plain around the cities of Tianjin and Beijing.
600million people
Live in the North China Plain working in heavy industries that need water and reliant upon agriculture that needs water for irrigation
Uses groundwater at the moment for water. It needs 3.5 billion litres of water per year. Soil compacts when water taken so sinking on average 5cm a year
The end date of the project
The central route
diverts water from the Danjiangkou reservoir on the Han River via new canals to flow through Henan and Hebei Provinces to Beijing
Length of central route opened in 2014
Western Route
Still under construction
Eastern route
This diversion is 1,155km long, completed 2013. Water goes from the Yangtze river to Shandong Province for domestic and industrial use.
Stop the over-withdrawal of groundwater. Water to industry, cities, and China's breadbasket in the north. Helps China cope with climate change
Recent droughts in the SOUTH so no excess water to transfer to the thirsty North. Could make water pollution problems worse. Displaced people. High Cost