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GCSE Hitosa water project


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42 million
people in Ethiopia live without improved water
71 million
people live in Ethiopia without improved sanitation.
is an area of the Arsi zone and is a largely rural part of Ethiopia
Hitosa project put together by
The Ethiopian Red Cross Society and the Oromia Water, Mineral and Energy Resources Development Bureau (OWMERDB) and Water Aid.
The project was needed
because Hitosa Woreda has very few reliable water sources.
is also variable in the region, with a noticeable dry season.
Gravity fed water project
Water is transferred from areas higher up and gravity is used to distribute water to people in lower lying areas.
Mount Bada
Source of water for the scheme comes from springs on this mountain, which is over 4,000m high.
140 km
of pipe takes water to 122 public water points and 143 private connections.
67,000 people
Supplied with 25 litres per day and covers 32 separate communities and three small towns.
Cost of the project