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20 Valentine's Day Trivia Questions


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58 million
How many pounds of chocolate are purchased on Valentine's Day?
What is the Roman god Cupid's Greek counterpart?
Richard Cadbury
Who created the first box of Valentine's Day chocolates in the late 1868?
2 Billion
How much money is spent on Valentine's Day flowers each year?
Alexander Graham Bell
What inventor applied for a patent on February 14, 1876?
Which state grows the most roses?
Which state has a city called 'Loveland'?
3 Billion
How many times does a person's heart beat in an average lifetime?
When did Hallmark produced its first Valentine's card?
February 14
What day is Valentine's Day?
What pagan festival celebrated in February may have been the origin of Valentine's Day?
Where is the Hershey company located?
What percent of adults celebrate Valentine's Day?
In what year did King Henry VII officially declare St. Valentine's Day?
Strong and healthy
What does the word Valentine mean?
In what Shakespeare play is Valentine's Day mentioned?
Red rose
What flower was a favorite of Venus, the Roman goddess of love?
Members of what profession receive the most Valentine's cards?
The heart
Prior to the 14th century, what organ was believed to be the center of memory?
Performing secret marriages
What was St. Valentine known for?

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