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  1. cirrhosis
  2. Hemopoietic Disorder
  3. cholelithiasis
  4. peptic ulcer
  5. bronchial
  1. a localized area of dead epithelium in stomach caused by pepcin
  2. b formation of gallstones
  3. c end stage of chronic liver disease
  4. d formation of blood cells, occurs in red marrow portion of bones
  5. e infection in the bronchial

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  1. cancer of the blood
  2. inflammation of muscle layer
  3. inflammation of prencreas
  4. pus in pleural cavity
  5. inflammation of the appendix

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  1. Atherosclerosis-presences of atheromas or fatty plaques. EARLY stage of hardening of arteries


  2. pneumoniainfection of lung tissue


  3. thrombocytopeniaAttached blood clots in the coronary arteries


  4. colitisinflammation of longest division of large intestine


  5. Coronary Artery Diseasedisease of the coronary arteries