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  1. Coronary Artery Disease
  2. ascites
  3. gastritis
  4. purpura
  5. pericarditis
  1. a edema in abdominal cavity
  2. b inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart
  3. c disease of the coronary arteries
  4. d wide spread hemorrhage throughout body, side effects of chemo
  5. e inflammation of the stomach

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  1. inflammation of prencreas
  2. inflammation of longest division of large intestine
  3. decrease in # of thrombocytes/platelets in blood.
  4. hereditary only in men, absence of clotting factor 8. bleeders disease
  5. narrowing of pyloric sphincter

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  1. ThrombosisAttached blood clots in the coronary arteries


  2. prolapselocalized protusion or dilation of a of a blood vessel; weakness in wall of artery


  3. common coldacute coryza, most common ailment


  4. laryngitisinflammation of voice box


  5. cholelithiasisinflammation of the gallbladder or sac containing bile