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  1. pneumonia
  2. myocarditis
  3. stomatitis
  4. Polycythemia vera (erythrocytosis)
  5. Hypertension heart disease
  1. a infection of lung tissue
  2. b disease of heart which results in high blood pressure
  3. c inflammation of muscle layer
  4. d inflammation of the mouth
  5. e excess number of RBC being produced, thicker blood

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  1. one side of wall
  2. inflammation of windpipe or trachea
  3. narrowing of pyloric sphincter
  4. hardening of the arteries; slow chronic disease which lumen is reduced in size
  5. localized protusion or dilation of a of a blood vessel; weakness in wall of artery

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  1. rhinitisinflammation of nose


  2. Anemiaabnormal protusion on a body part or organ into an area where it is not normally found


  3. lobar pneumoniainfection of lung tissue


  4. Hypertrophyincrease in size of heart muscle by cells


  5. pericarditisinflammation of the sac surrounding the heart