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  1. phlebitis
  2. myocarditis
  3. pneumonia
  4. Gingivitis
  5. Arteritis
  1. a inflamattion of the gums
  2. b inflammation of muscle layer
  3. c infection of lung tissue
  4. d inflammation of vein
  5. e inflammation of an artery

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  1. non rhythmic heart beat
  2. cancer of the blood
  3. excess number of RBC being produced, thicker blood
  4. decrease in # of thrombocytes/platelets in blood.
  5. disease of heart which results in high blood pressure

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  1. Cardiomyopathydisease of the heart muscle itself


  2. lobar pneumoniainfection of lung tissue


  3. cholecystitisinflammation of vessel which bile is shipped (bile ducts)


  4. pyloric stenosisinflammation of membran which lines abdominal visera


  5. peptic ulcerinflammation of the liver