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  1. myocarditis
  2. esophagitis
  3. common cold
  4. Hypertension heart disease
  5. sinusitis
  1. a inflammation of muscle layer
  2. b acute coryza, most common ailment
  3. c disease of heart which results in high blood pressure
  4. d inflammation of one or more of the 4 sets of paranasal sinuses
  5. e inflammation of muscular tube that conveys food from throat to stomach

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  1. Central pump to push blood through body
  2. inflammation of prencreas
  3. inflammation of vessel which bile is shipped (bile ducts)
  4. free floating objects in bloodstream
  5. formation of blood cells, occurs in red marrow portion of bones

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  1. Insuffiency (imcompetence)failure of valve to close or seat properly.


  2. diverticulosispresence of intestinal hernia


  3. Atherosclerosis-hardening of the arteries; slow chronic disease which lumen is reduced in size


  4. peritonitisinflammation of the sac surrounding the heart


  5. Leukemiacancer of the blood