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  1. Atherosclerosis-
  2. rhinitis
  3. embolism
  4. Hypertrophy
  5. Gingivitis
  1. a increase in size of heart muscle by cells
  2. b inflammation of nose
  3. c free floating objects in bloodstream
  4. d presences of atheromas or fatty plaques. EARLY stage of hardening of arteries
  5. e inflamattion of the gums

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  1. death of heart muscle tissue caused by interference of blood supply
  2. Attached blood clots in the coronary arteries
  3. inflammation of the stomach
  4. inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart
  5. failure of valve to close or seat properly.

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  1. phlebitisinflammation of nose


  2. pneumoniacancer of the blood


  3. hemorrhoidsend stage of chronic liver disease


  4. lobar pneumoniainfection confined to one or more sections


  5. aneurysmlocalized protusion or dilation of a of a blood vessel; weakness in wall of artery