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  1. Coronary Artery Disease
  2. cholecystitis
  3. cholelithiasis
  4. Thrombosis
  5. pneumonia
  1. a infection of lung tissue
  2. b inflammation of the gallbladder or sac containing bile
  3. c disease of the coronary arteries
  4. d formation of gallstones
  5. e Attached blood clots in the coronary arteries

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  1. inflammation of the appendix
  2. free floating objects in bloodstream
  3. inflammation of the throat
  4. failure of valve to close or seat properly.
  5. inflammation of the endocardium

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  1. bronchialinfection in the bronchial


  2. Gingivitisinflamattion of the gums


  3. sinusitisinflammation of one or more of the 4 sets of paranasal sinuses


  4. Leukocytosis (reactive change)Temporary increase in total # of white blood cells as part of normal inflammatory response


  5. Arteritisinflammation of the stomach