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World Music: African


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Define: Polyrhythm
Many rhythms occurring at the same time.
How many strings does the Anghbindi have
Yelli is a full-voiced singing that sounds similar to what other style of singing?
Mbira or Kalimba
Name one of the two instruments that has metal keys that you pluck with your thumbs
On the ground
When playing the Nyatiti you can hold it to your chest or _____. (fill in the blank)
So they can dance while playing
Why do they simplify the drumming in East African Drumming?
Is a Marimba made from softwood or hardwood?
The Valiha is the national instrument of what country?
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
What is the name of the world famous singing group from South Africa?
Is the Djembe performed in groups or as a solo instrument?
By squeezing the leather straps
When playing the Talking Drum how does the player alter the pitch?