Gov Chapter 2

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Enumerated PowersPowers given to the national government alone.Reserved PowersPowers given to the state government alone.Concurrent PowersPowers shared by the national and state governments.Checks and BalancesAuthority is shared by the three branches of government.Separation of PowersConstitutional authority is shared by three different branches of government.FactionA group within a distinct political interest.FederalistsThose who favor a stronger national government.AntifederalistsThose who favor a weaker national government.CoalitionAn alliance of groups.Bill of RightsFirst ten amendments to the Constitution.Habeas CorpusAn order to produce and arrested person before a judge.Bill of AttainderA law that declares a person, without a trial, to be guilty of a crime.Ex Post Facto LawA law that makes an act criminal although the act was legal when it was committed.AmendmentsA new provision in the Constitution that has been ratified by the states.Line-Item VetoAn executive's ability to block a particular provision in a bill passed by the legislature.