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to put your mind at ease, to make you comfortable with something, ex. there is a person who is a muslim and they know that A commands this is haram and this is mandatory, they do it, they know it is from islam but they don't understand it, they don't find it logical, they accept it they do it but their mind is not totally satisfied with that commandment, even though they are obeying their chest is not at rest, there is some sort of unease with the commandment, this is at 2 levels: 1. a person who is not comfortable with the commandments bec they don't see the logic in it, 1st of all we shouldn't be trying to make logic out of the commandments of A even though they are full of wisdom we may or may not ever discover that wisdom, the fact that it is from A should be enough for a believer, but generally among those who believe there is a tendency to say I wonder why A wants me to do this? why is it 2 1/2%? what about this inheritance law how come they get this % and they get this fraction whats the point of that? I don't get it, what is so haram about riba and then other things that are very close to riba like bay'a are halal? I don't understand the difference betw them, so this person is at unrest, then compared to that is a person who is completely at ease with A's commands, they understand either they see the wisdom in it/they can appreciate the wisdom in it or even if they don't appreciate the wisdom in it the fact that it is from A they are thoroughly deeply convinced whatever A gives me is better for me and I am very very happy that I am getting this treatment from A, they treat the ah'kaam of A like medicine even if it tastes bad I know for sure it is good for me and I am glad I am receiving the medication/I am really happy to be getting the medication, this is one kind of expansion of the chest for the muslim
1. concern about truth/higher purpose - we are living in a time that is very materialistic and we have become very shallow/materialistic, our concerns rarely go beyond ourselves, your entire life revolves around yourself, for some people a little more than themselves maybe their family wife and kids that's it, there are some people that are concerned with a little bit more they are concerned about their neighborhood, socially active, they are concerned with themselves and a little bit beyond themselves, then there are people that are concerned with even a little bit more, they don't just think about themselves and their neighborhood they think about policies, politics, join some cause, picket for rights, politically active, trying to do some humanitarian or other good cause, but even this is all materialistic, everything so far is concern for this world, then there used to be a good number of people in pre-modern society that were not just concerned with what is happening here but they were concerned what is going to happen to me after I leave here, where did I come from, why am I here, where am I headed after this is all done, why did I come and where will I go after I die, they ask deeper questions, they ask what is this around me, how do I find justice in society, how should I live my life, the average person forget asking these deeper questions they never even think about these deeper questions, ex. when you don't have food to eat you feel unrest you feel like I need to eat, when you are concerned about your neighborhood and something bad is happening you lose your sleep over it, when you are concerned about something it becomes an obsession in your life you need to fix it, there are some people in humanity (we are not even talking about the messengers, just some general people, the lay population of humanity) who think about these things and they are not able to find answers why am I here, what is my purpose, who created me, do I owe Him anything, they try to find answers at the church/temple/philosopher and they keep getting answers that they are not satisfied with and this unrest becomes a burden they live with, it takes over their entire life, most people are not at this level but there are some people ex. Salmaan Al-Faarisi went through so many sacrifices in search of the true religion; A made messengers the purest of people, and the purest of them all is PMP, he was not concerned about worldly things even before islam, he was concerned about higher things, he was a deep thinker, this was captured in the previous surah وَوَجَدَكَ ضَالًّا He found you seeking, the people that were offering him truth of the unseen it wasn't satisfactory to him, he wasn't satisfied with the society around him, he didn't like to play games, he wasn't entertained, he didn't go to musical types of gatherings, even if he was going to pass by there A put him to sleep before he got there and when the gathering was done He would wake him up, as he reached the age of maturity close to the age of 40 this is a sunnah of A around that age A chooses His messengers and gives them the message, at this age even before the revelation came he is going to a cave to reflect and think, leave society bec whatever is in society puts you in even more unrest, there is a burden that keeps getting heavier upon you, seeking the truth, PMP was so desperately seeking the truth he came to that desperate point where he even abandoned society, what was he doing in the cave? deep thinking, so A alleviated him of that burden by giving him the answer, He sent him the angel Jibreel AS with revelation
when PMP makes dawah he hears things that are very insulting/demeaning/hurtful/demoralizing and he is a very very sensitive man, when you and I do the work of dawah and somebody insults you publicly what would happen to your motivation to do dawah? I don't want to deal with this stuff, its too much, you don't know what happened to me, I don't want to do that stuff anymore, its too much to deal with, PMP has to keep going back and do it and by the day it doesn't get easier it gets harder bec the same people that were nasty yesterday are twice as nasty today and he will be 3 times as nasty tomorrow, it takes a toll on you, and if your job is hard and it breaks your spirit then by the day you are less and less motivated to do it and the less motivated you are to do it the worse you do your job, so it is critical for PMP that the toll that dawah takes on him doesn't start affecting his morale, it is critical that that burden that he piles up on him during the day is shed off during the night, it is cleansed up, and what is his means of cleansing off that burden? qiyaamul lail; compared the work of PMP to rain, rain comes from the sky and it is pure, then it touches upon plants that have dirt on them, and it starts cleaning things, and that water that was pure by the time it gets to the ground it becomes dirty again so it has to be cleansed and go back up and be cleansed again then it comes back and engages in this process again, that is necessary for the entire world to be cleansed, PMP gets the purest revelation and he is in this pure relationship with A but he cant just learn that and keep learning it from A he has to do this dirty task of dealing with these nasty people that has to be done and that is what PMP is engaged in and A relieves his burden on a daily basis, We already know that your chest becomes tight bec of the things they say so didn't We open your chest?
1. We elevated your mention for your sake - A is showing His love to His messenger saws saying the reason your status has been elevated and your mention and the fact that you will be remembered in the hearts of people the reason that has been elevated is for your sake 2. only for you - this kind of elevation has happened only for you, in and of itself this ayah is a miracle of the Quran, the sun rises slowly which means the time of fajr in one town is at one point and then 2 minutes later it is in another town and then 2 minutes later it is in another town and it keeps going like that around the earth, everytime it is fajr the adhan goes on, every minute the next town over is making adhan, and by the time you get half way through the world what has happened to the first town? it is time for zuhr, one cycle hasn't even finished the next cycle has started all over the world what is being recited? ash-hadu al-laa ilaaha ilalA ash-hadu an-na Muhammadur rasoolA and everytime a believer hears that what are they saying? saws, We elevated your mention for you, so it is the adhan that is meant; A made following the messenger following A, didn't He elevate him by doing that?, and He sent His salawaath upon him in the company of His angels then He commanded the believers not only did He make salat upon the messenger saws and the angels but He commanded the believers to do so as well, then when He called him/talked to him (PMP) He called him by loving names (yaa ay-yu'hal mudath-thir/muz'zum'mil and yaa ay-yu hun-nabee/rasool versus yaa Zakariyya/Yahya/Musa/Dawood/Adam/Isa in the Quran but we don't find yaa Muhammad in the Quran) what elevated status for PMP A doesn't address him by his name but by his titles, by honorary titles A gives him, ex. hey frank versus hey general, which one has more respect? this is an amazing honor that A has given His messenger saws, whenever PMP's name is mentioned in the Quran it is "Muhammadur rasoolA", the only time rasool is not mentioned next to PMP's name is in surah Muhammad in the surah in which the name itself is highlighted, even when Ahmad is mentioned rasool is also mentioned, when A mentions his name He mentions rasool this is an honor of PMP, He wrote/mentioned the name of PMP in the earliest of the scriptures, meaning He mentioned to the people before that this final messenger is coming and He took an agreement with all of the messengers that they must believe in PMP and their nations that when they see him and when they come into contact with him that they will believe in him, so the adan the salat the kalimah the khutbah human history A and all of the angels the salawaath upon his name in the salat itself the quantity of the mention not to mention the quality of the mention A elevated, look at how even A elevates his mention in the Quran itself, so this is the gift of A to His messenger saws
when you are free/relieved (what relief? when is the messenger relieved?); Musa AS engages in conversation with A, Musa AS is prolonging the conversation bec got a chance to talk to A, he is taking every opportunity to prolong it, a human being in conversation directly with A, you were just talking to the One who you would rather not talk to anyone else after you have talked to Him and now your job is to go talk to someone if there was 1 person left on the face of the earth and that was Fir'aun you still wouldn't want to talk to him, this is the work of a messenger on the 1 hand he is in conversation with A on the other hand he is in conversation with some of the most vile people on the face of the earth those who reject him, who could be more vicious than the one who rejects the messenger any messenger esp ours saws, he has this amazing 2-part conversation 1 the best conversation you can ever have the other the ugliest you can ever have which one do you think he would rather do? he wants to be in conversation with A but A does not let him stay in conversation with Him He commands him go out and talk to the people, during the entire day, these 2 conversations are surah muz'zummil (conversation with A) and surah mudath-thir (conversation with the people), PMP the entire day he has to make dawah to the people, who would he rather be conversing with? A, so A tells him when you are relieved with your work of dawah during the day then you can do what you have been wanting to do all along which is فَانصَبْ then you can dedicate yourself, think about your salat and the salat of PMP, PMP is desperate to go back and stand long until his feet swell, the coolness of my eyes was put in the salat, that is what I enjoy doing the most when I am in conversation with A