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problem solving process

1. Identify problem
2. Break down problem
3. Design a solution
4. Consider alternatives
5. Test the solution
6. Tweak solution if doesn't work

programming statements

instructions that are carried out when the program is executed


An OOP language


Object-oriented program


Any written comments or documents

Inline Documentation

Comments in a program

Class Definition

Everything else but the comments in a program

Program Termination

When end of method is reached

Method Invocation

Calling a method when we want it to execute

Character String

Characters enclosed in quotation marks


A formal name used to write programs

Reserved Words

Identifiers that have a special meaning

Case Sensitivity

Uppercase and lowercase letters are considered different letters

Title Case

The first letter of every word is capitalized and the words are put together

White Space

Blanks, tabs, and newline characters

Machine Language

The language that machines read; binary code

Assembly Language

The language for industrial robots

Low-level language

Languages that make CPU perform simple tasks

High-level language

Higher level than Assembly Language

Fourth-generation language

Programming languages are like natural languages


A program used to edit a document


A program that translates code into binary code

Source Code

The code written by a programmer


A program that executes other programs


A binary program containing a program

Architecture Neutrality

A language will work on many types of machines


(Software Development Kit) Software provided by a software vendor that allows that language to be used on different software


(Integrated Development Environment) A system that supports the writing of a program


The structure of a string in a language


The meaning of a string in a language


The process of finding problems and malfunctions with a program

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