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The deserted buildings and the land lying______ hinted at the troubles the farmers in the area were experiencing


His charmingly _______ manner and keen wit made him a much sought-after guest at social gatherings.


The full extent of my ______ skill is preparing scrambled eggs on toast.


Since both cars had virturally caome to a halt by the time their bumpers met, the damage was ______


Magicians rely on sleight of hand and other forms of ______ to deceive their unsuspecting audiences


As i lay under the old apple tree, I began to _____ on the strange twists of fate that had led to the present situation


Their bad manners and insufferable conceit _______ even those who were most inclined to judge them favorably


The coach emphasized that the way to stop our opponents' passing game was to ______ their receivers and blitz their quarterback


I advise you to ______ from your statement all the words that people are likely to find personally offensive.


The coach took me off the starting tema as a _____ measure for missing two days of practice


When planning our trip to the Southwest, we made sure to set aside two days for a ______ at the Grand Canyon


At first we watched the game with relatively little emotion, but we became so ______ by our team's strong comeback that we began to cheer loudly.


if we continue to elect unworthy people to public office, we will simply _______ the evile that we have tried so hard to correct


Their _____ behavior at the first sign of danger was a disgrace to the uniform they wore


When the snowstorm lasted into a second day, we listened attentively to the radeo to finde out if our school was among those closed because of the ______ weather.


the ______ of an administration in the United States is never a crisis because a newly elected administration is waiting to take over.


When citizens feel that something is wrong, they have a right under the First Amendment to ask their government for a _____ of grievances.


In 1858 Abraham Lincoln held a series of debates with Stephen Douglas, his _____ in the contest for U.S. Senator from Illinois


When Grandfather stubbornly refused to eat his vegetables, he set a _______ that was immediately followed by the children.


There are far more subtle ways of _____ a person into doing what you want than twisting his or her arm


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