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Superficial Muscle innervation

Posterior dorsal rami

Intermediate Muscle innervation

Posterior dorsal rami

Deep (transversospinalis) Muscles

Semispinalis, Semispinalis capitis, Multifidus

Semispinalis Origin

Transverse processes C4-T12

Semispinalis Insertion

Occipital bone, spinous processes

Semispinalis Function

Extend head, cervical and thoracic regions and rotate them to opposite sides

Semispinalis Capitis Origin

Transverse processes T1-T6

Semispinalis Capitis Insertion

Occipital bone, between superior and inferior nuchal lines

Semispinalis Capitis Function

Powerful rotator and extensor of head and neck

Multifidus Origin

Sacrum, ilium, and transverse processes C4-L5

Multifidus Insertion

Spinous processes

Multifidus Function

Stabilize vertebrae and rotate vertebral column to opposite side

Deep Muscle Innervation

Dorsal/Posterior Rami

Superficial Back Muscles

Quadratus lumborum

Superficial Back Muscle innervation

Anterior/Ventral Rami

Quadratus lumborum Origin

iliac crest and iliolumbar ligament

Quadratus lumborum Insertion

Transverse processes of L1-L4

Quadratus lumborum Function

Laterally flexes spine

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