IC3 GS5 Computer Fundamentals Practice Test Review


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Two possible uses of an Ethernet port on a laptop
1. connect to a router
2. connect to a local area network
Definition of the Cloud
software and services that runs on the internet and not your computer
Important identifier to look for when making online purchases
Url begins with "https://"
To Uninstall or Repair an Application
Control panel, Program and Features, select Application and hit Uninstall or Repair
Two advantages to securing a home wireless (Wi-Fi) network
1. control over access to the network
2. data transfer will be encrypted
Safest way to manage your password
Use a password manager to encrypt and store passwords online
a service required in order to use instant messaging on your mobile device
mobile text messaging plan
disadvantage of a cellular-enable tablet vs Wi-Fi only tablet
Cellular tablet and data service cost more
Two benefits of using a web application instead of a desktop application
1. Web applications are accessible outside the office
2. Do not need to be installed
Restoring the system to the recommended restore point
1. Control Panel or System
2. System Protection
3. System Restore
Add a password to an account
right click on Start button, Computer Management,
local users and group, user, student, proceed
Finding OneDrive
right click on "This PC" icon, select OneDrive
conserving energy and battery life on a laptop
1. dim the device screen,
2. close background programs
3. disable the device Wi-Fi
change default font type to another typeface for future use
file, options, change font type, hit OK
Placing the "Print Preview" icon on the Quick Access Toolbar
top left hand of document, hit drop down arrow, select Print Preview and Print
Valid Windows explorer path
External hard drives used for backups
1. must be connected to the computer for each
scheduled backup
2. can be stored in a secure and remote location
Wired network
provides the greatest speed and reliability
Two situations that require device driver updates
1. hardware device is not working properly
2. upgrading from a 32-bit to a 64-bit version of
Two benefits of creating a home wireless (Wi-Fi) network
1. The ability to connect and communicate with
multiple devices on the same network
2. The ability to connect to a home computer while
away from home.
Before selling of transferring ownership of your cell phone
1. Remove Sim Card
2. Back up Personal apps and data
3. Perform a factory reset of the phone to delete
all personal information
Two reasons to zip files
1. reduce size of files to be sent to others online
2. keep the organization of a set of files when sharing with others
Three options can be configured using Windows 10
1. Turn Firewall On or Off
2. Block all incoming connections
3. Allow specific programs to communicate through the firewall
Three ways identify theft may occur through social media site
1. responding to email requesting you to update account information
2. accepting invitations from people you do not know
3. using low-level privacy setting
Three methods to transfer files from a smartphone to a desktop computer
1. Connect to computer using a USB cable and use the computer's file system to copy or move the files
2. Use a cloud service to synchronize files between the device, the cloud, and the desktop computer
3. Remove the phone's sim card and plug it into the computer
Three ways organizations use the cloud to collaborate
1. Share files within the local area network
2. Simultaneously working on a document
3. Use of a Web-based Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) tool
Two benefits of an Anti-virus software
1. Prevents most known viruses from harming your computer
2. Blocks hackers from entering your computer
Online Backup
stores everything on the cloud instead of using your hard drive
Cloud Computing Services
1. May refer to using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and not necessarily to data storage
2. Requires access through a browser
3. Services, by default, are free
Internet Protocol (IP) address
identifies a specific device connected to a network
Benefits from using a cellular enable tablets instead of a standard tablets
Flower delivery service
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
connect users at remote sites
Deny permissions to a user or group
right click on object being denied, property, Security tab, Edit button, Select person or group, check all check boxes to be denied, OK
Primary purpose of a SIM Card
Identifies the account holder of the phone
Three ways to share a 100 MB file with a group
1. Shared in a network folder
2. Upload to a cloud service and share access to that file
3. Copy to a CD, DVD, or USB drive and send copies
Two benefits of using cloud storage
1. makes it easier to share files with others
2. allows you to access your files anywhere you have an internet connection
To efficiently transfer a 50 GB file to multiple remote users
upload file to a cloud-based storage service and share access to the file
Sending a 30 MB database file via Google Mail (Gmail)
compress the file
HDMI cable connect a desktop computer to a
External display
Three items that can affect your Internet connection's bandwidth
1. Processor
2. Amount of memory
3. cable modem
Two reasons to back up your files
1. Hard drive failure
2. Virus infection
three types of networks a cellular-enabled tablet will connect to without additional cost
1. cellular network
2. public wireless network
3. home wireless network