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Dowist term for a dissragnt from the affairs of the world


According to Kens philosophy, the foundation of a states strength was what?

Armed Forces and Agriculture

The most important book of Dowism was what?


At the heart of Mencius's philosophy was the idea that human nature was essentially what?


The philosophy that criticized social activism and instead...


Who were the two philosophers that wanted to control Chinese people by clear and strict laws.

Han Feizi and Shang Yang

The Chinese emperor who started the imperial university was who?

Han Wuidi

Chinese Philosophy that called for strict political and social control.


Chinese script was standardized during whose reign?

Qin Shewangdi

The Chinese term that means the way is what?


Confucian Superior individuals that took an active role in public affairs were who?


The First ruler to unite all of China was who?


The most influential book of legalism

The book of Lord Shang

Chinese Philosopher who taught only strong disciplined peoples would bring society into order.


The First great Chinese Historian

Sima Qin

The Traditional Founder Of Daoism


The dividing line between the former and later Han was what?

Wang Mang

The Founder of the Han Dynasty


Confucian Term For attitude


The Chinese concept of Pheloipidy central to the family structure called what?


He believed that political and social harmony arose from the proper ordering of human relationships was who?


The Most influential post Confucian philosopher who served as chief spokesman for Confucius's philosophy.


Thought the efforts of Confucius the literary works of this period became core texts of Chinese education.


A collection of Confucian teaching and saying were known as


This philosophy formed a throughly practical and secular approach to life.


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