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What do you hit to access the username/password screen?
Microsoft Windows 10
What software operates the computer?
Apps Folder
Where do you find software applications?
Your space on the server
What is the H drive?
Local disk the Computers hard drive
What is the C drive
USB drive removable disk
What is the E drive?
Shared student teacher drive
What is the L drive
FILE, SAVE AS, BROWSE, Click on this PC, locate file explorer
How do you save documents?
A group of computers connected together
What is Network?
One powerful computer that contains all the applications
What is a server?
Click arrow
How do you sign in?
Click Word 2016 twice and click blank document
How do you open Word 2016/New document?
Word 2016
What is the word processing software?
Last name, graduation year
What is Username?
Random letters and numbers assigned to a username
What is password?
Word command allowing you to change the name of a document or storage location.
What is Save As?
Word command allowing you to store a document to a storage device (H, C, L, E)
What is Save?
The student network
What is NBCRSD?
Suite of products developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
What is Microsoft Office 2016?
Command that allows you to create a new document.
What is new?
Command that allows you retrieve a saved document
What is new?
Word command allowing you to create a blank document.
What is new?
Word command allowing you to retrieve a document previously saved.
What is open?
Word command allowing you to produce copies of documents on paper.
What is print?
Both good and bad
Is Technology good or bad?
You can access your documents from anywhere in the school
Benefits of network?
Technology is something that makes our daily life easier in some way. It will one day think for itself
What is Technology?