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All Quiet on Western Front


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Why are Paul and his comrades sent to the Front?
They are assigned to lay barbed wire at the front.
How do the men change as they approach the Front? Why is this change necessary?
The new recruits are scared and agitated. Everyone becomes more serious and aware of their surroundings. They are more concentrated on what is happening around them. This change is necessary to make sure that they stay alive.
What happens to the horses which are used in this battle?
They are severly wounded and killed during a shelling. They scream in pain and the men cannot stand the sound.
How does Detering react to the wounding of the horses?
Detering loves horses and cannot stand them in pain. He tries to put them out of their misery but was stopped by Kat.
How does Paul and his comrades manage to save themselves from the shelling? From the gas attack?
They save themselves from the shelling by seeking cover in holes created by the bombs and besides coffins and dead bodies. They put on masks and help each other.
According to Remarque, how does a soldier feel about the earth?
A soldier thinks of the earth as his protection and mother. He dives into the Earth to take cover and she protects him.
What happens to the young soldier that Paul helped at the beginning of the chapter? What do Paul and Kat wish to do for him? Why don't they do it?
The young solder is badly wounded in the hips by the bombardment. Paul and Kat wish to shoot him to put him out of his misery. They don't because other soldiers are coming out of holes.
Why can't the men get rid of their lice?
They cannot get rid of their lice because they have hundreds of them on their heads.
Why has Himmelstoss been sent to the front?
Himmelstoss overdid his lessons with a couple of young recruits. A son of the local magistrate was watching and reported him.
How does Tjaden get in trouble with Himmelstoss? And Why isn't he prosecuted?
Tjaden insults Himmelstoss and calls him a "dirty hound". Tjaden also did not follow Himmelstoss's command. He isn't prosecuted because Paul tells the Lieutenant, Bertink, of the bed-wetting torture that Himmelstoss forced on Tjaden.
What dreams do the various members of the group have about going home? What do their dreams tell you about their character?
Albert, Kropp, Haie, and the others say that they will leave, get drunk, hang out with women. Kat, Detering, and Haie will return to their old job and family. This shows that the younger men are so occupied by the war that they have no other dreams in life.
What feelings does Paul express while he and Kat are roasting the goose? Out of what do these feelings grow?
Paul expresses that he loves Kat and that he is closest to this men out of anyone on Earth. These feelings grow out of comradeship and trust.
Why do the men joke about death?
The men sees new coffins near a schoolhouse. They joke about death in an attempt to forget about how they are on the brim of death.
Why, according to Paul, must every man believe in Chance and trust his luck?
Ever man must believe in Chance and trust his luck in order to live. They will never know where a bomb or bullet will land. Chance will determine their future.
Describe the men's battle with the rats:
The rats try to steal the men's food. The men lure out the rats with gnawed peices of bread and fry the rats with their pocket torches.
How do the men know they are really cut off from all help when they are being attacked?
The food is not able to get in. Even Kat tries to find food and is not able to get through the barrage.
What often happens to the young recruits during an attack? Why are so many of them killed?
The young recruits are not mentally prepared. They don't know what to do and how to take cover.
To what level are the men reduced during an attack? What is the most important thing to them?
The men become wild beasts and do anything and everything to stay alive. Survival is most important to them.
Describe the night the men spend listening to the wounded man cry out for help:
All they can do is listen to him cry because they cannot find him.
How does Himmelstoss react in battle?
Himmelstoss is not used to it either. He tries to fake that he is injured and hides in a hole.
Describe the scene in the field after the battle is over. What do the men see? How many men did the company lose?
The field is full of dead and wounded soldiers. Haie is severly injured and his lungs are shown. They only have 32 men left.
How does Paul feel about the brunette he meets? Are the feelings returned?
Paul feels giddy, somewhat afraid, and comforted by her face and its gentleness. He feels that her presence may be able to help him momentarily escape from the horrors of the war. She seems to show no emotion when Paul says he has to go on leave. She is not invested as he is.
What feelings does the picture of the girl in the white dress provoke in the men?
They feel excited, happy, joyful, and want to be the man in the white trousers next to her to lure her by their charm.
How does Paul feel about being at home?
He feels that all of the questions and praises that he receives are empty of the knowledge of what it is really like on the war front. He cannot see life normally anymore. There is an unspoken barrier between his present self and the past of his youth.
What are his mother's and his father's reactions?
She has saved food for him to come home even though they are always low on rations at home. She doesn't want to hear anything of the war except to be reassured that it is not as bad as some report. His father is proud and wants to show Paul off to his friends
what has happened to Kantorek?
He has been called up as a territorial. Mittlestaedt rules over him and trains him hard as a pay back.
Why is Paul repulsed by conversation he has with his German master?
His German Master acts like he knows what is going on with the war and speaks of strategy when he is not even out on the front. He pushes Paul to follow his will.
Tell about Paul's visit with Kemmerich's mother, why does he persist in lying to her?
She weeps and cannot understand why her son had to die while Paul got to leave .Paul lies to her saying that he got shot through the heart and died immediately. No suffering was involved. Paul doesn't want to hurt the mother anymore by telling her how much her son suffered.
why does Paul think he should of never have had a leave?
The pause makes everything after it so much worse. At home, he showed emotions for others and is reminded of the comforts of his old life. Out on the front, if one tries to feel, it will only destroy him mentally and emotionally.
Why do the soldiers at the camp on the moor become so close to nature?
They look to Nature's beauty to comfort them. They also do not have much companionship, and therefore look to Nature as their friend.
Describe the Russian prisoners. Why does Paul feel sorry for them?
The Russian prisoners seem nervous, fearful, most are big fellows with beards, look like kind peasants. Paul feels sorry for them because they don't have enough to eat. The prisoners pick up food scraps from trash and trade with the Germans. They were once normal humans too.
What is wrong with Paul's mother? Why is his father afraid to ask the surgeon how much her operation will cost?
Paul's mother has cancer. If Paul's father ask for the cost, the doctors will see that they have no money to pay for the operation and will not do it.
Why is it hard for Paul to spend time with his family?
It is hard for Paul to spend time with his family because he feels distant from them and have nothing to talk about. He feels guilty for not being able to help with problems.
How do the men prepare for the Kaiser's visit? Who is the Kaiser?
They tidy up and get new clothes. They make everything neat and perfect. The Kaiser is the emperor of Germany.
The men have a discussion about who starts war. What conclusions do they reach?
They conclude that the war is started because one country offends another. Certain people gains fame and profit from it. The wars are useful only for leaders who want to be in history books.
What type of damage do trench mortars cause?
they can blow you right of your clothes/ skin, massive crater
What happens to Paul on scouting duty? How is he saved?
He gets lost in the trenches ,ends up on the enemy line, and faces a bombardment. He stays alive by pretending to be dead and seeking cover in shell hole. He returns to the trench when night falls.
How does he feel about his comrades?
His comrades is his safety. They comfort him and they are the closest thing to him.
Who is General Duval? How is Paul affected by his death?
General Duval is the printer that Paul killed. Paul is devastated that he killed a person no different than him. He is in agony because he took away a person's life and future.
How does the troop manage to live well for a few days?
The troop manages to live well for a few days because they are sent to watch an abandoned village so they utilize all of the luxuries that the village contains.
What happens to Paul when he returns to the front? What happens to Albert?
Paul's leg is broken and his arm is wounded from a shelling. Albert was hit with shelling in the knee.
Why doesn't Paul want to get into a clean bed on the troop train?
because he is dirty and he has lice
How does Paul manage to get off the train with Albert?
Paul manages to get off the train with Albert because he alters the temperature on the thermometer so it appears that he has a fever.
How do the men get the nuns to stop praying over them at the crack of dawn?
by throwing a bottle into the rooms where the nuns are praying
Why does Joseph Hammacher let the nuns know he has a shooting license?
a shooting license means that he can get away with whatever he does
What is the Dying Room? Who returns from the Dying Room?
The Dying Room is the a small room where the nuns take the soldiers who are about to die. Peter returns from the Dying Room.
Why do the men try to discourage the two young soldiers from having the doctor operate on their flat feet?
because the doctors will experiment on them and then they will not be able to use their legs again
Paul does a great deal of thinking while he is in the hospital. How does he feel about the war? How does he feel about the young men his age who are involved in the war?
Paul has a negative view of the war while he is in the hospital. Paul feels that the young men his age that are involved in the war have been taken away from their futures.
What favor do the men do for Lewandowski?
The men guard the door from the nurses so that Lewandowski can have private time with his wife.
Why is it hard for Paul to leave the hospital?
he does not want to part from Albert Kropp
What is the central action in this chapter? What happens to the German army?
The German troops are surrounded by their enemies who are getting stronger.
What happens to Muller, Bertinck, Leer, and Kat?
They all die.
Muller: hit in the stomach by a Verey light
Bertinck (company commander): shot in the chest and mouth
Leer: hit in the hip by a piece of shrapnel
Kat: hit in the thigh and back of head; wounded when finding food
What is the only thing that helps these men endure their conditions?
comradeship; knowing there is no better option; their thoughts go dead
What new weapons used by the Allies contribute to the collapse of the Western Front?
Tanks, machine guns, shells, flamethrowers, and gas clouds
When Kat is wounded, what does Paul try to do for him? What is the outcome of this? What is Paul's mental state afterward?
Paul brings him to a dressing station. Kat dies from a splinter in the head. Paul is very emotional after losing his closest friend and loses all hope after Kat's death.
What point has been reached in the war in the Fall of 1918?
All speak of peace and armistice. Paul says if there is not peace this time, there will be a revolution of the soldiers.
Why does Paul get a fourteen-day rest?
he swallowed some gas
What does Paul predict for his generation? Does his prediction come true?
Paul predicts that his generation will be forgotten and "shall fall into ruin". Paul's prediction does come true because his generation is called the "lost generation".
Why does the point-of-view change to the third person for the last two paragraphs of the story?
Paul has died.
What is ironic about Paul's death?
He is finally at peace and calm, almost glad that the end had come. He dies after he thinks that the war is over.
Where are the men "at rest"?
Five miles behind the front lines
Why is there such an abundance of rations?
Food was made for 150 men. Only 80 returned.
Who is the narrator? How old is he?
Paul Baumer, 19
Why do the men feel hostile toward Ginger?
The men feel hostile toward Ginger because he doesn't give them the food they want.
What is unusual about the latrine facilities?
they have to share the toilet with two other people and they have no privacy.
What has changed about these men?
These men has lost their innocence and no longer hold the same views as they did at home.
What is a "latrine rumor"?
A latrine runner are the rumors that are told in the bathroom.
Who is Kantorek?
Kantorek is their schoolmaster at home.
Why does Muller wish Kantorek was there?
Muller wishes that Kantorek was there to motivate them and in a sarcastic way. Also to show him what they have to go through since he pushed them into it.
What different attitudes about war were held by the "poor and simple" and those who were "better off"?
The "poor and simple" knew what the suffering was really like and so were not tricked by the talk of courage and heroism .
What is the double horror of Behm's death?
he was shot in the eye so he was unconscious so they couldn't bring him back to camp. He later woke up and yelled but was shot again and killed.
What is Muller's plan for Kemmerich's boots? Do you think this is cruel?
Muller plans to keep Kemmerich's boots for himself. It is not cruel because Kemmerich will die and will no longer use them
What does the theft of Kemmerich's watch tell us about the moral decay fostered by war?
That even as a man is dying, others are only thinking about survival .
Although the novel is told from the German point-of-view, what universal view does it offer of war?
Even though the novel is told from the German point-of-view, the universal view it offers of war is that it changes the men who fight in the war.
Why is Kantorek wrong in referring to these young men as "Iron Youth"?
they are not iron, they are just young men who were stripped from their future.
Why is Paul bitter in his feelings toward Kantorek?
because he kind of forced him to sign up for the war and he is bitter for the lies
Why does Paul refer to his generation as a "waste land"?
because they went from childhood to war and they don't have anything really to go back for
Who is Corporal Himmelstoss?
He is the leader of No.9 platoon in which all of the boys/men previously described are stationed. In civilian life, he was a postman
What prejudice does Paul have against small men? Why?
he believes that they try to make up for their lack in size with the power that they are given
How do Paul and Kropp get revenge on Himmelstoss?
They wait until the end of their training, and then they wait to "attack" him as he leaves a bar one night.
According to Paul, what is the finest thing to arise from the war?
What makes Kemmerich's death so personal for Paul?
They grew up together
What is significant about Kemmerich's telling Paul to take the boots for Muller?
It shows that Kemmerich understands that he is going to die, and that Muller meant no harm in asking for the boots.
Why is it ironic that Paul and his comrades refer to themselves as "stone-age veterans" when they compare themselves to the new recruits?
They are only about a year older and only a few months more on the front than the new recruits.
Describe Katczinsky. What is his special talent?
He has a sixth sense. His special talent is he can find food anywhere.
What is Kropp's philosophy of war?
If the two leaders to fighting and then declare the winner's country the winner of the war, war would be more just because the "right" people would do the fighting.
Who is coming to the front? Why do these men strongly anticipate his arrival?
Himmelstoss is coming to the front. These men strongly anticipate his arrival because they want him to suffer and to get revenge on him.
what year was the book written?
who is the peat digger with large and powerful body?
Haie Westhus
who says this quote? "Forgive me comrade"
Paul and he is speaking to Duval
what two things are a factor of pauls survival?
chance and luck
what is the name of the truck that takes the men to the front?
a lory
who says this quote? "Here is it beautiful, there it is hygienic"
who dies trying to save a dog?
practice exams