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Cool Blood herbs

Which cool blood herbs nourish yin?
SHeng Di huang and Xuan Shen
Which cool blood herb clears deficiency fire?
Mu Dan Pi
What is the overall temp of cool blood herbs
Shui Niu Jiao
clears heat toxin, clears heat and arrests tremors
Sheng di huang
nourishes yin, used for wasting and thirsting d/o, cools upward blazing of heart fire
Xuan Shen
drains fire and relieves toxicity for painful and swollen throat, softens hardness and dissipates nodules
What two cool blood herbs clear yin and blood level heat?
Sheng di huang and xuan shen
Mu dan pi
clears deficiency fire, used for deficient heat without sweating, invigorates blood and dispels blood stasis, clears ascending liver fire, drains pus and reduces swelling, cools blood and moves blood.
Zi cao
vents rashes and relieves fire toxicity, clears damp heat in skin (topically), facilitates passage of stool and urine, cools blood and moves blood
two cool blood herbs that cool and move blood
mu dan pi and zi cao
general c/c of cool blood herbs
sp/st def with diarrhea