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Psych 210 continued

Liberty University Psychology 210 Final Exam Continued.
The Proportion of the United States over the age 65 is?
The Proportion of the world population over age 65 in the year 2000 was about?
All Senses
The senses that tend to weaken in old age are?
Less Likely
The Automobile accident rate for liscensed drivers over the age 65 is?
About what percent of North America over age 65 are in nursing homes or hospitals
Reaction Time is Slower
Compared with that of younger people the reaction time of older people is?
Lungs take in and expel less air with each breath
Lung Capacity
Live with Spouse
The most common Living arrangement for a person over age 65 in the United States is?
Far less likely
Compared with people under age 65 an older adult's chance of being a crime victim is?
Elizabeth Kubler- Ross Brought solid research and attention to the Psychological needs of ___
Unit of Care
Dying person and the family are considered to be the ____
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance
Kubler- Ross's 5 Stages Include?
Disenfranchised Grief
The practice of excluding certain people from mourning
Self Actualize
People begin to ____ Reaching their fullest potential, as Maslow described it.
Identity Assimilation
New Experiences incorporated into stable sense of identity
Identity Accommodation
Altering, Giving in to self concept, or stereotypes to adapt to new experiences.
Selective Optimization
Older person chooses to cope with physical and cognitive losses, makes selective changes to cope with losses, and is ready to make changes in measure of strength of the self.
What percent of the elderly are involved in structured volunteering?
The Major organization representing elderly, is largest U.S. special interest group
Elder Abuse
When caregiver has feelings of resentment and social isolation.
Selective Optimization with Compensation
People Vary in their _________ The choosing of healthy activities that compensate for primary aging being experienced
____ is one of the best predictors of vitality.
Age related hearing loss is?
Buzzing or ringing
Genetic Aging Theory
Theorists propose that aging is the normal, natural result of the genetic plan for the species.
Cellular Accidents
Accumulation of minor accidents that occur during cell reproduction.
People 100 years of age or older